Chemtrails Chemtrails Chemtrails it’s OFFICIAL

i have called 774 ABC radio 4 times in total, once when i called up about Police Numbers being REDUCED in AUSTRALIA, and the other when a CHEMTRAIL was laid east to west across the melbourne sky… both times i made it to ‘air’ with my questions – i was hung up on during mid speech! then recently i called up when 774 ABC was having a SWINE FLU SPECIAL LIVE from the CITY with special guests to answer ‘our’ quesions! i was not allowed to ask my question about ADRIAN GIBBS(google/search tami flu bio to find article) an AUSTRALIAN SCIENTIST who claims the SWINE FLU WAS MAN MADE IN A LABORATORY ! i was told i cant ask that question and had to readjust my line of questioning to suite the censors from 774 ABC RADIO! then i called up another morning when an apparant guest who was witness to the ‘so called plane’ which hit the PENTAGON was giving his alledged eye witness account of that morning— i called up wishing to dispute his claim and put forth the truth according to facts! i was hung up on while speaking to the producer who asked me why dont i believe the mans story there is footage of a plane hitting the PENTAGON! why dont you believe the government? and i replied there is not actual footage! there are only afew digital stills which shows nothing! so the producer from 774 ABC radio hung up on me after saying no you cant ask anything along those lines, not today, go away , and hung up! the COVER UP and PROPGANDA MACHINE IS in FULL POWER MODE RIGHT NOW! after years and

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails Chemtrails Chemtrails it’s OFFICIAL

  1. RustyShackleford1776

    why doesn’t someone just shoot these chemplanes out of the sky if they are infact really spraying death on us? you can post videos until you are blue in the face from barium inhalation, but its not going to stop the planes, and pleading to the government who is doing it isn’t going to solve shit.

  2. dajupe

    the same in melbourne, they do it right in front of everyone, but no one seems to notice. i don’t know whats worse the fact that obviously something is going on here (all over the world) or the the fact that most people don’t even notice or care.

  3. Tuathalful

    “spraying the skies full of toxic poisons & carcinogens…” What? Kinda like you do every time you drive your car? This means you’re conspiring against me! NOooESS!

  4. Tuathalful

    Very far fetched. So may holes and assumption in the “chem-trail” conspiracy theory. And this guy has just copied American conspiracy and stuck on Australia! LOL That’s idiotic. But the guy doesn’t sound like an idiot, so his problem is delusion, quite possibly psychosis. He needs to think the clouds and exhaust in the sky are about him, a huge government conspiracy about him; delusions of grandeur are a prerequisite of such paranoid. What next? They’re reading his mind from space with lasers?

  5. marinodelfino

    In London the Reptilian Illuminati are spraying chemtrail on us everyday, from early morning until early night.
    More than 12 hours per day.
    The sky is not nice anymore…

  6. dbootsthediva

    Yes they will begin spinning lies of webs of deceit to the masses Global Warming is a scam
    The chemtrails are part of some form of a weapons system The chemicals can manipulate and control the weather and perhaps manipulate our DNA as well
    Thanks for uploading this

  7. bigballlllsofun

    dont you find it funny that the media wont touch this story its happening everywhere and not a word from our faithfull trusting 9 10 7 just another fine example of what they think of you put it this way if america is bursting at the seems with coruption you know australia is not far behind carbon trading is a new tax those chems are to keep you dumb

  8. fatasdat

    I seen the same plane flying over perth around the same time . east to west north to south….. Large white plane with engines on tail.. (not a passenger plane)

  9. iwasthatdolphin

    EXCELLENT WORK! 5*****

    Thank you. Has Justin Coy contacted you yet?
    I do hope that he is ok?!! I wonder what happened with/to him? Maybe he opened a different channel?
    tc, dolph

  10. fetalbetal

    Hey I have that issue of scientific american. That isn’t proof and it’s hardly evidence for chemtrails. If it was a secret, we wouldn’t know. All we see are persistent contrails. If you’d like to worry about pollution, check out how many new dirty fuel burning factories are made each year in china, then realize how air currents circulate this mess. We may very well be fucked but there’s no proof the military is terra-forming the atmosphere, wouldn’t a climatologist speak up?

  11. deLUXmars

    haha 1:20 “when the new government came in..” what a joke. new government? different face different name but same government. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain people.. i thought ABC were smarter than this.

  12. OzzyPatriot

    Last week – NSW Gosford. The sky was so heavily sprayed – I was looking up so often I bumped a car at traffic lights. I got out and took pics of the sky – there was even a strange circle with a number three-like pattern – along with many criss-cross and fat bloated chemtails. The sky, very clear that morning continued to haze over for the rest of the day

  13. beardedswine

    even if you don’t believe in chemtrails. though with their admitted plans for weather manipulation it should at least cause suspicion. or you could laugh and not look into it. dismissal without investigation is the height of ignorance-einstein. or you could laugh at it, a form of dismissal. you ignorant sheep

  14. glazinq

    Great work mate. I’m wondering what happened to Justin too, he just dropped off the map. I live on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane. We’ve had less chemtrail activity lately but every now and then (like last Wednesday) they hit us hard. It is NEVER mentioned in the weather report or in any main stream media.


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