24 thoughts on “Chemtrails – David Keith lecture on geoengineering part 2/2

  1. dan32749

    I think they over did it because it’s freezing in chicago right now ,so now we know they can create? a mini ice age that’s great ,wonder what the side affects? are going to be from all this geoengineering? Plants ,animals ,humans what is going to happen to us now that they can get away with this?

  2. iondetox

    @chemtrailstacoma2011 I agree… Chemtrails started in the 80’s on farm ground using spray planes. Now they are trying to distract and “tell the story.” Things were going really well before they sprayed. Look at what happened to? California after they sprayed the whole state over 4 fruit flies? Then it was landslides one month and wild fires the next. In the amount of time this guy has babbled.. thousands of people were sprayed with WHO KNOWS WHAT on. They are doing it world wide.

  3. chemtrailstacoma2011

    Why do we NEED to “CONTROL” things that were doing just fine before we came along? Control, control, control, control, control, control… Just because the technology exists, doesn’t mean that IT NEEDS TO BE USED! Know when to STOP.?

  4. MyAbihail

    I don’t find him scary at all. I find him to be an intelligent & caring individual who cares deeply about people & mankind. His field of work is caring about the ENVIRONMENT, including people & the entire planet earth! He has been demonized by? manipulating his lectures by organizations who want someone to take out their frustration on about Chemtrails and GeoEngineering. Because of them, his very life has been threatened! He is on YOUR side, & he clearly says “I am against it!” at the end!

  5. MyAbihail

    This individual is against “Chemtrails” or GeoEngineering. An ENVIRONMENTALIST, he deeply cares about people indvidually & mankind. A HATE video contrived by manipulating a lecture at TED conference? in 2007. If you care about the TRUTH, view his ENTIRE lecture video at Stanford University & LISTEN to what he says! Because of Chemtrails worldwide, he & his loved ones have been DEMONIZED & regularly receives HATE calls & DEATH THREATS. At the end of video he says “I am against it!” (LISTEN!)

  6. hamnahiman

    He is truly a sicko.
    And its? not even funny cause if his idea is ever put into real life, plants, animals and humans will start dying.

  7. largraf

    This guy is so smart, it scares me.? I’m sure he’d have an excellent argument for depopulating the world that neither nor I could refute. Oh well, after a few years we might not be here to refute it anyway.

  8. penkala3

    @camboishawt You wouldn’t be breathing it.
    It would stay in the upper atmosphere.
    And? no one said anything about arsenic.

  9. penkala3

    @MEGalilging Have you never seen an iceberg?
    Solid water is buoyant yo.
    Because it expands? and is therefore less dense.

  10. MEGalilging

    Why don’t these smart scientists know that water expands when it freezes and shrinks when it liquifies? If they know this,? they can’t possibly justify the idea that melting ice will raise water levels.

  11. energymarketchile

    Lunatic scientist!

    Thanks to you and others like you, we are suffering from CHEMTRAILS. I bet your research has been paid by Nuclear, Oil, Military and Pharma? companies…

    Let’s be noted that the Canadian Senate’s ENERGY-COMMISSION invited him to suggest solutions for the ENERGY PROBLEM on April 20, 2010…. Shame the politicians who are either morons or too corrupted to have people like this influencing law-makers…

  12. camboishawt

    how about reforest environment and green up some of those deserts put some plankton in the oceans and we could fight? co2 cuz plants are our opposites when we try to live on this crazy planet and not put any dangerous metals in the sky :0 this guy talks about putting things in the sky to make the climate our way but i dont want to inhale iron oxide and sulfur and aresenic

  13. Yoetah

    “Finally, the organization recommends cutting levels of sulfur dioxide from? 125 micrograms per cubic meter to 20 micrograms. Cutting this pollutant would result in fewer childhood diseases and deaths”

  14. Yoetah

    C, let the devils find alternative sources of funding…”Over 50 years of weather modification research and not a single report has been presented to congress” and YET, these worthless projects suck funds like a huge silent vacuum cleaner…?

  15. Yoetah

    Samyat, shhhhh-this weather modification conference never actually took place….don’t you know the? routine by now!


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