5 thoughts on “*Chemtrails Destruction Made Easy

  1. nuxtas13

    Good evening, my friend now it rains in Greece and collect water to go to chemical analysis. We sprayed 2 days after t rained and now it has suddenly cold. need to know what throws us as if we are mosquitoes. nuxtas13

  2. Chidanandaji

    The occassional military op is probable, however, after looking at the science behind contrails, which do spread and which do last for many hours, I put together a web blog titled:
    “Why Contrails are not Chemtrails – by Bill Woollam”
    any investigator may Google that .

    I also have investigated the reasons for war on Libya. My blog is googled at: “The Battle For Libyan Oil Fields – by Bill Woollam”

    With all my topics I provide plenty of research links,videos and articles.


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