Chemtrails. Does the End justify means?

If masses had understood the chemtrails correctly, it would obliterate the CO2 Hoax. The Sun’s radiation, the governments around the World are trying to deflect with artificial clouds, causes increasing volcanic activity and electro-magnetic disruption. The aerosol spraying effectively renders the “Inconvenient Truth” impertinent. Look where their private interests positioned today – in Africa. The “Wag the Dog” institutions came up with a joke of Sarah Palin to bring the Kenyan into White House to improve their relationships with the elite’s probable future homeland. Counter Intelligence programs spread alternative chemtrail conspiracy theories on TV and around the Internet to cause confusion, because the UN wants the money CO2 taxation will provide (no good crisis should go to waste). Those who studied the fake videos of 9/11 planes, understand why “Loose Change” and “In Plane Sight”, – fake truth seeking groups, – were pre-positioned on the Internet for the populace consumption. The fake National TV News would lead one directly to the “cave”, from which they were aired and coordinated in real time. *** Actions we can take to protect ourselves against metal intoxication from chemtrails (Starts at 20 minutes mark in the audio below): Catherine Austin Fitts (probably another fake group, so consider the stuff FDA approved, he-he) recommends taking a table spoon of Diatomaceous Earth with water every morning on empty stomach to remove metals from one’s organism

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    Thanks for? your Videos! I Encourage Everyone to Video what You see above YOUR CITY and create your OWN YouTube Channel! Thanks again from Minnesota and PLEASE check out MY Videos! — ChemTrailsMN —


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