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Ive uploaded this because everyone needs to see it I ripped it from someones channel as soon as I remember who I will put the credits up Chemtrails: its important that people realise the difference, its not planes im against and certainly not CONTRAILS..i just dont want geo-engineering and spraying of these toxins over my head, its affecting animals of all kinds not just humans and i dare say plants too…it has to stop

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  1. WeAreTruth09

    @jillh10 (prt 2) situations…so why do they put it in our water? The question is, WHY DID HITLER USE IT IN THE WATER?! I doubt he? cared about his captives teeth! ;o)

  2. WeAreTruth09

    @jillh10 (prt 1) That’s actually the chlorine. Another un-needed additive to our drinking water supply. Fluoride, if you don’t know, is an “active” ingredient in rat poison, also, it is a metal waste that is ILLEGAL to throw away, so instead, it is bought by water companies to put in the water. Fluoride will eat through concrete and a HAZMAT team in full suit will have to? clean it up (but it’s okay to drink). Fluoride effects the part of the brain that helps you deal with stressful

  3. WeAreTruth09

    @jillh10 (prt 4) used this scenario many many times, but instead, I have my own personal story to share? with it too – how when I was a little girl, I was so mesmerized by the jets, the white trail, and use to watch them disappear…they don’t anymore. Sorry for the long book I just typed, lol.

  4. WeAreTruth09

    @jillh10 (prt 3) freezer and forget about it for 6 months, what do you find when you go to the freezer to get ice?” They’ll look at you and realize, as everyone has done it, that the ice tray may be completely empty – that’s because the ice evaporated! At that point, you then point out that the lines in the sky that are apparently ice droplets are? not evaporating, rather, they are hovering, expanding, and by the end of the day, it looks like clouds in the sky.” It works, I have

  5. WeAreTruth09

    @jillh10 (prt 2) something. Those lines in the sky are not normal.” The other person will more than likely ask you “what do you mean they’re not normal?” At which point you look at? them with a matter-of-fact look on your face and explain to them that jet engines spit out water droplets that freeze at high altitudes. They evaporate within a minute and the that white line disappears. You can then get them involved. Ask them, “When you fill an ice tray full of water and put it in your

  6. WeAreTruth09

    @jillh10 (prt 1)By acting and sounding well informed, people do listen. Not only do they listen, they start to ask you questions. It’s just trying to keep them thirsty for more without sounding like a complete fool. Walking up to someone and pointing to the sky and saying, “See that? That’s chemtrails. We’re being poisoned.” Of course they’re going to look at you like you’re some crack pot. But if you walk up to someone and point to the sky and say, “You know, I? just realized..

  7. WeAreTruth09

    @jillh10 Here’s also another thought, “Aluminum to block out the sun’s heat to help slow down global warming”…right? What if they used it to KEEP the? heat in…making all the sheeple believe there really is such thing as global warming – those who believe in global warming, DON’T believe in Chemtrails.

  8. jillh10

    @jillh10 Such an approach will allow the incorporation of new information into the decisionmaking process and promote the development of consensus and? international norms with respect to geoengineering techniques.

  9. jillh10

    @jillh10? The article recommends that the international community begin to address geoengineering governance promptly through the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the bodies established by that agreement, and that geoengineering governance be treated as a series of adaptive management decisions to be reviewed periodically

  10. jillh10

    @jillh10 This article examines the largely unexplored? issue of geoengineering governance, namely, questions regarding who should decide whether geoengineering research or deployment should go forward, how such decisions should be made, and what mechanisms should be in place to address the risk of deployment by rogue actors.

  11. jillh10

    The difficulties encountered in accomplishing the drastic greenhouse gas emissions reductions necessary to avoid dangerous anthropogenic interference with the Earth’s climate system have led to incipient interest in geoengineering. Geoengineering proposals, such as the release of sulfur into the stratosphere in order to block? sunlight, might serve as an emergency option should emissions reductions efforts fail, or even as a nonemergency policy alternative to emission reductions.

  12. jillh10

    Lin, Albert C. (2009) “Geoengineering Governance,” Issues in Legal Scholarship: Vol. 8 : Iss. 3 (Balancing the Risks:? Managing Technology and Dangerous Climate Change), Article 2

  13. jillh10

    J Michaelson – Stan. Envtl. LJ, 1998 – HeinOnline
    Page 1. Geoengineering: A Climate Change? Manhattan Project Jay Michaelson* I.
    105 A. Introduction: A Climate Change Manhattan Project

  14. jillh10

    7 Sustainable Dev. L. & Pol’y? 56 (2006-2007)
    Implementation & Utilization of Geoengineering for Global Climate Change Control; Carlin, Alan

  15. jillh10

    @Sherayx you are bang on the nail with that mate…am sending you some universal love and great vibes from my cat, she gives some purfect vibes for long distance vibe sending lol? I didnt mean to bable on really and seeing what I wrote I think I was on auto pilot hahahahaaa never mind it was in earnest

  16. Sherayx

    @jillh10 Hope u find her and make peace. That’s? the whole key peace and love for each other. Life experience change u, especially when everything that happens to us was a set up. So to see passed that and spread love is the answer. No room for nothing but love. Thanks for sharing that.

  17. jillh10

    @DJxSGGxNeo hmmm we didnt get any food shortages just a price hike but we get those almost every few months now and without an excuse oh except? the last excuse which was fuel hikes lol its all daft init lol hey man I loved your music

  18. jillh10

    @Pjaynes781 if its cooling how cvome the ice caps are melting here and on mars? I can see global weather changes but I think its just a natural event and its gone on? a few times over time, as suggested by the water marks at the botom of the spinx did i spell that right? it dont look it

  19. jillh10

    @jillh10 I know have to think how to stop these sods from chemtrailing so apart from handing out leaflets on it as I have been doing, ..I have no idea oher than samples and getting those tested in an independan lab ? im just as wise as everyone else…hmmm ok ramble over hahahahaa

  20. jillh10

    @jillh10 I know we all do horrible things when we are kids but this has haunted me ever since I went to the university of glamorgan where i studied for psychology degree and a degree in astronomy psychology woke me up as a human being and the fall of the building woke me up in a very different way, this sounds weird but im sooo glad it happened this way ? I have been trying to track this poor sod down and say how sorry I am to her, I was being bullied into it but theres no excuse

  21. jillh10

    @Sherayx nooo its okay, i have learned a lot since the accident. I didnt like myself before but now Im ok with myself My life has taken a fantastic? turn around since because Ive had time to reflect and rectify what I have done wrong in my past and now I have learning difficulties I can still write, roll a fat J lol and play chess I had a list as long as my arm and now the only thing left on it is to find someone I bullied in school when I was 4 her name was Christine Cummings

  22. jillh10

    OMFG I just? thought of something…the chemtrails, ok so they have a double use, kill us off slowly or help humans along its evolution to make us the more perfect slave but now im thinking its not so much a double edged sword as a trident because the third thing could be, blot out the sun ice age, get all the PWB and hangers on off the planet until its safe to come back

  23. Sherayx

    @jillh10 I’m sorry to hear that, glad? ur here. this is overwhelmingly hard to deal with, peace to all. Many Blessings

  24. jillh10

    @Sherayx I have 3 areas of brain damage from a fall off a building so im sending you a high five we? dont need any other shit in our heads

  25. jillh10

    @DjMexIV yeah but it makes me angry the way some narrators use belittling tones when they talk about it, but google scholar has quite a bit of info? on geo engineering and by the looks of it the chemicals are known to be sooo bad its unreal but when you see who makes it, who has shares in it all falls into place


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