Chemtrails , first int. Symposium Belgium 2 of 21

May 29th 2010 You can find the important chemtrail report here. Just click the link, and your download should start automatically to download the document throe the site and not directly ( also for more footage ) click Feel free to distribute this document to as many interested people as possible. for more footage of these and other speakers who made an appearance at the Symposium Dear Chemtrail Researchers from all over the world, Dear Belforters, hereby we offer you a 300 page document made by inside experts regarding chemtrails, that has been compiled for the Belfort Group. It’s free for all to download & please share it with everyone you know, for we all need to research geoengineering deeper & the effects of the continuous spraying of our population ! ! We also want to thank all the people from all over the world who have participated & helped to make the International Symposium in Ghent on May 29th a big success ! ! International guests from all over who have all contributed a great deal to help bring the message out to the world, thank you ! ! Thanks to all the documentary makers who were filming, thanks to all the speakers who helped bring out vital information to the world.. Remember, information is only information until you use this information in the right way, research and investigate, and when you realize the aerial spraying is a serious problem for humans, animals & Nature.. Love is the Only

8 thoughts on “Chemtrails , first int. Symposium Belgium 2 of 21

  1. 411American

    Weather or not you die early baby boomer – The government will have the cure and you will come to believe again you need the corrupt government world order.
    Under National security Congress should quarantine the president and his cabinet, until a real investigation of the 911WTC and the illegal killings of 109000 innocent children and families civilians. There is more but first things first Wake up America your under siege – Obamanation and changed of Americans? to Anerica-CANTS

  2. MrMonkknight

    they are trying to sort of make a shield to block the sun or to block out something from the night sky. and they need to know hoe long it takes to take effect the clouds and pattern so when something needs to be hidden they know how long they need before it to late.

  3. gianna1989

    i live in the netherlands and my city is being sprayed for almost 2 years(maybe more but as far as i know 2 years) from which 1 year at least 4 days a week. sometimes only 5 to 10 trails but most of the time it’s much worse…say abouttt 30/40 and that’s just a small city+some farms across our city line…. as far as my eyes can reach the trails don’t seem stop… it’s everywhere….the netherlands is really being sprayed severely


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