Chemtrails for the NWO.

Music Video showing what is not showen on TV, We are always being lied to… The poison EVERYTHING from our minds to our bodies.. I been doing a test on how mircowaves ovens effect humans and plants… After 3 weeks of watering plants with Mircowaved water they died for no apartent reason… Fluoride and aspartame and MSG will kill your body and brain worse then smoking Aluminum and barium coat our skies… Causing high blood pressure… Cell phones Cause brain cancer, The list never ends… Wake up each morning, Having a hard time breathing, as does my mom. Watching my Sky taken from me, By poison. I am Part Native American, Our Guru’s say these are the Death Winds… Look up NWO Rockerfeller Rothshild Royal Family Illuminati 13 families 300 people in power… Bone and Skull Freemasons CIA These our are enemies… Join the EDF Defend EARTH! We are the first and last true line of defence against the NWO, While we are few now our numbers are growing… I founded the EDF because I truly want to do somthing about this then just post videos and talk all night on here.. I was givin a mission and I must finish it… My mission is simple Fix the world… What is the EDF, A whisper on the minds of citizens that fill them with hope… And a NIGHTMARE for the NWO… Shortly with aid from people on here and myspace and other networks we will be building bases/shelters for any and everyone… There people can Learn,Teach,Train and become better men and women to fix this world… Love

12 thoughts on “Chemtrails for the NWO.

  1. TheM3ss4gE

    @Earthlasthope2 Can you tell me the source of the pic on 0:58? If possible also a link to the source. Thanks.

  2. dangerzuz

    fuck the nwo fuck the government and evrything behind it… when the time comes im be there with malicia to fight back… im not with the poplutation you fools … i know you can read this….. you can watch us all you want … im runnin in positive and non of you cant stop me

  3. cogar48

    It’s by A Perfect Circle I don’t blame you for thinking it’s Tool seeing as how they both have Maynard as lead singers the song is called Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums it’s a remix of their song Pet.

  4. spooninspoon

    I met Obama in 2005 and i’m pretty damn sure this video is not something he signed up for and is willing to continue…Yet if I am wrong what does it matter we are all gonna die anyways


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