Chemtrails in Coke Commercial

Chemtrails in a Coke commercial recorded on May 10 in Victoria British Columbia on Fox. I believe this advertisement is a perfect example of subtle mind “programing” and manipulation. What do you see?

14 thoughts on “Chemtrails in Coke Commercial

  1. CNUCKLE903

    @CathyFromPensacola I AGREE WHAT GOOD HAS IT DONE YOU SO FAR??another interesting fact: the romans word for their sewers were called “systems”!!

  2. mash0412

    @INDAKAZPRODUCTIONS What? Do you think that Coca Cola is trying to hide the coke bottles and the Ahhh in the sky?

  3. streetwarrior31

    INDAKA…this is very disturbing for you and me becouse we´ve wake up from the fucking dream and now we see there moves……..and guess what? they are evry where…this is the sublimal messages that they have done on us for long long time….but like you, they want full me anymore. I´ve allready turn off my TV and i only dont trow it out becouse of my children and cartoons but i donr aloud that they see evry cartoon…only the very old ones..
    keep it coming

  4. stopchemtrails

    google m-394.812 and see what you find… maybe it was a message?

    from ..
    Harvard Uni – COBRA-ME 2004
    CO2 Budget and Regional Airborne Study – Bangor, Maine
    to ..
    NASA’s CRYSTAL- FACE Field Campaign.

    Interesting, I too would like to know more about the director and producer!


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