ChemTrails In Phuket Thailand 19th May 2010

Phuket Thailand has a plane with no identifiable marks that flies over the Island at hourly intervals from around 6 to 8am in the morning to around midday. We don’t think its cloud seeding, 1. Because cloud seeding planes don’t produce this effect (please Google) and 2. You need clouds to seed, the plane does this on a daily basis, whether their are clouds in the sky or not. Have you seen something like this in Thailand? Or anywhere else in the world? Let us know what you think about what it could be, and most importantly what the hell is in it? I doubt its something that makes us healthy and boosts our immune system. And hey get used to checking the skies everyday; this might be happening right over YOUR head. Hi Everyone. I want you to see this video that has just been released called “What in the World are They Spraying?” Its a great start to anyone who is interested in Chemtrails, also known as Geoengineering. Many thanks to all those who have looked at this issue with an open mind, it certaily helps counteract all the personal insults that have been flooding my inbox :) Heres the link please cut and paste it into your browser

25 thoughts on “ChemTrails In Phuket Thailand 19th May 2010

  1. leobluesy

    Even on days when trails are sparse, the sky has a silver reflective quality that is blinding at times… even away from the sun. Whatever the purpose, it is very noticeable.

  2. scubabuddha

    @robinhoodlum Clouds are water vapor…they don’t evaporate either. BTW I love this bit: “It could be the plane cutting through the clouds.” lol. You guys are taking the piss.

  3. izlude2

    @tracyb934 NASA has admitted that they are chemtrails and have stated it’s an action to deflect the heat of global warming. (Although I never believe a word NASA puts out about our wellbeing) The fact is, these chemtrails are admitted to exist right from the source. There is no paranoia. The contents of these clouds are toxic and you need to be aware of it. Visit infowars for more info.

  4. StopvotingTandL

    Deniers – Please help save humanity by throwing yourself under a bus NOW! Geoengineering, Stratospheric aerosols and weather modification are very VERY real :-(

  5. siamsuperstores

    Last night around 10pm, I noticed two parallel contrails in the sky in Nong Bua Lamphu Province. As of 8:30am this morning, they are still both visible. It caused me to search for Thailand chemtrails and I found your video. I know the Red-Shirt uprising was peaking around the same you shot your video. I wonder which came first, the chemtrails or the uprising. Also, my wife tells me she has been told not to drink the rainwater. She does not know why.

  6. WrongBirthday

    any Idea how or who can find out of there is aluminium , barium , strontium in the rain, soil, trees etc?


    I saw chemtrails galore a few weeks ago in Pensacola. The murder rate has skyrocketed since. Check it out yourself.

  8. Cloisim

    The chemtrails are being used as a veil, albeit a toxic veil.
    This would NOT be happening if people didn’t show how scared they can be about anything out of the norm.
    ‘War of the Worlds’ proved this….and ever since, its been hush hush, deny deny.

    They are spraying chemtrails across the morning Sun, maybe 1 mile on either side. These haze over the morning sun for about 4 hours…..then the sun lifts out of the haze.
    Clearly they are hiding something Up There……

  9. oldtown17

    Sorry about triple posting…..keep losing power (wall to wall rain for three days) and none of them went through then all three at once!

  10. oldtown17

    Am in Lanta Yai. Have you watched “What on earth are they spraying?” Available in 7 parts, youtube.

    Saw chemtrails over Phuket last year. Knew I was correct.

    Ignore the insults robinhoodlum. Scared people with no manners

  11. oldtown17


    Am in Lanta Yai. Have you watched “What on earth are they spraying?” Available in 7 parts, youtube.

    Saw chemtrails over Phuket last year. Knew I was correct.

    Ignore the insults robinhoodlum. Scared people with no manners.

  12. oldtown17


    Have you seen “What on Earth are they spraying?” available on youtube in seven parts.

    Am in Lanta, saw chemtrail spraying last year. Thanks for the confirmation. We need to start making orgon busters!

  13. cosi66

    ufos: military objects
    Haarp: weather manipulation
    Plan is:population reduction

    we cannot do anything against it

  14. MartinHDJ

    A fine example of the synthtic aerosols soaking up all the moisture and turning the natural clouds to a haze.

  15. wiricutaman09

    We are forming a group in Facebook: CHEMTRAILS We have posted this video, and would like to invite you to participate
    Thank you

  16. bcdigit

    its been about 1 week since i seen any airisols being sprayed .yet theres a large amount ot hazie ness or whatever .getting thicker every day.and a week ago i seen a plane ,kinda wierd though ,it was moving very fast and making little sould .wouldnt have seen it if i wasnt looking up already .very fast!
    bcdigit 1 second ago


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