Chemtrails in Russia China Iran North Korea

Do these skies look familiar? (Use HD) chemtrails aerosol russia china iran north korea cloverleaf haarp nwo chemical spraying beijing tehran moscow

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails in Russia China Iran North Korea

  1. riceburnagtv

    Also sorry to burst your bubble but these are pictures of normal clouds, just like all “chemtrail” pics!

  2. riceburnagtv

    @jkdhoward Well thats the same mentality the guy in Norway had, and you have the hide to complain about governments! If you ask me crazy people like yourself are the real danger!!!!

  3. jkdhoward

    THUMS UP IF YOU THINK IT’S TIME TO SUPERSEDE THE LAW & PULL OUT THE BAZOOKAS AND/OR HEAT SEEKING MISSILES AND TAKE DOWN THE CHEM CRAFTS ONE BY ONE BY F#%KING ONE!!! (just like they do in the ‘dusty’ countries. Find an arms dealer and get your town to invest in a Bazooka and start doing some vaporizing of your own :)

  4. sauroman1

    I wonder why I can’t see trails during winter, when air is even colder. But at summer I can see chemtreils being spread every sixth day

  5. ingodsgarden

    To ask whether a country has chemtrails isn’t the same as asking does that country have an active spraying operation. The skies of the world are saturated with particulates. No nation or people on earth is immune from weather modification. Don’t get hung up on always thinking you must see “a trail” there is other technology they use & sometimes they spray at higher elevations & then push the chemclouds down to lower levels. The dispersion is a giveaway, not being able to breathe is another.

  6. ValarMorgoth

    Most of these pictures don’t even show chemtrails.
    HAARP might be in some but not chemtrails.

    I have been on a flight recently and I haven’t seen any chemtrails above Russia, India or China, while I have seen plenty over EU and other countries over which NATO flies.

    While we were passing by Kazahstan, Russia was chemtrail free and Kazahstan (few km away) was full of chemtrails.

    I don’t think it was like that just coincidentally during the two days of my flight there and back.

  7. Ebdan88

    @AugustusAurelianus1 Research before you put your hart out Brother!! I have seen Chimtrails in Iran, and there are enough video’s of russia!!? i havent seen that much on china, and that is mostly because i havent looked enough.I dont know about where you live, but here you can not even find ordinary food anymore, even they themselfs are admiting to it!? everything is gen.manipulated, and soon you will have it too. Lets wait and see who is who, OK!!?

  8. AugustusAurelianus1

    @Ebdan88 CRAZY? Crazy are (and one day very sorry will be) those who believe in the false propaganda of disinformation… Go to Havana.. Go to Pyong Yang.. Go and see for yourselves!
    The propaganda of disinformation is designed to split public opinion & create divisions within the Western World, where those agents of totalitarianism are FREE to spread their lies! Stupid people! You are like sheep if you believe in videos such as those!

  9. Ebdan88

    This is creasy!! it looks like that the so called elit of all nations have gotten together and decided that they want it all, and they are not going to share, and the rest of us are just useless eaters!! We knew that Iranian goverment was a pupet regime, but CHINA and RUSSIA!!? what the FUCK!!?

  10. IwontConform

    Chemtrails are real,and we must put a stop to them before they put a stop to us.Heres a sample of what has been found in chemtrails:various metallic elements(salts)polymers,chemical dessicants,biological pathogens(molds,mutated fungi,virulent bacteriums)african-american fecal matter,dessicated human blood cells,etc.

  11. PVSector

    In Volgograd we have chemtrails, too. They are usually seen when the sky is cloudless.
    btw, everything we type into our browser is cached somewhere (e.g. i type something into Google search bar => relevant ads start to appear on some sites i visit (including ).

    The same in Russian: ? ?????????? ? ????? ???????????. ?????? ?? ????????? ??? ??????????? ????.
    ??????, ???, ??? ?? ?????? ? ?????????, ??????????? ???-?? ? ???? (????????, ? ????? ???-?. ? Google=>?????. ???????(? ? ????))

  12. SkyBlueAugust

    Thanks – great posting. Would love an update to 2010 end on how many countries DO NOT HAVE ANY CHEMTRAILS?

  13. Ebdan88

    I am not shore at all that the pictures you showed from China and Iran were Chimtrails.But Russia, Yes unfortunetly all the History’s that the KGB. have taken over because they wanted to save the Russian people from these BloodSucking Elites were all lays.YOU know why Mostly Persians dont have a holl lot of Respect for Russians, Because Throu out History Russians always Suck up to the English!!? Even thou they are so Strong and wealthy country and they really could make Paradise for their people

  14. jazzswing88

    remember that clouds can have the most unusual shapes and formations and a lot of videos, also on youtube, are total b***shit. Saying that, i dont deny chemtrails. from a dutch political partie i have had confirmed that the ”ministry of defense” are expirementing with coated alluminium and other stuff like berium in chemtrails

  15. ckotinko

    i’ve shot a chemtrail in st.peterspburg sky

  16. jazzswing88

    i remember last year US militairy being very angry about the Nigerian & Indian Air Force for taking down US chem trail planes to the ground, in Nigeria they had to force them to give back the plane, so i guess they just spray where ever they want regardless of who’s air space.

  17. suarneduj

    One has to be a complete retarded cunt to not to recognize chemtrails if there is ghardly a day without tplanes in the sky leaving”persistentcontrails”behind. But sheeple do not look around they only watch the oracle called TV

  18. suarneduj

    @mun155 Any idea how it looks in Belarus? I talked to a friend he said their sky is still blue, I can hardly believe it, Could Lukashenka stand alone against this global compaign?

  19. mun155

    I estimate that half of the planes which I see at a high altitude in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Half of them are cemtrailing.


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