Chemtrails- July 13, 2011 Chicago “Yeah Ya Know” TI (rap video)

TI to bring Chemtrail Awareness. chemtrails I saw in my backyard. July 13, 2011 75 degrees mostly sunny, cloudy with chemtrail leftovers by sunset. Stop Weather Manipulation! Stop Geoengineering! Take a stand on this, look into it by researching chemtrails and haarp on youtube. and notice your sky. Chitown Chemtrails comet elenin nibiru planet x ufo sighting update second sun moon planes

15 thoughts on “Chemtrails- July 13, 2011 Chicago “Yeah Ya Know” TI (rap video)

  1. DianaHiggins1


    Like I said before. Watch 2, 5 and 7 and listen to the weather man. They lie. Oh yeah, clear skies today minus those chemtrails.

    Also, notice how they edit the [live] coverage from Chicago. That is not what the sky looks like by me, and I am only 15 miles away. They edit those live feeds!!!

  2. ChitownUFO

    @Bens79 lol oh the brown line haha i did see a brown line under a chemraiil tho, have you seen that before, like a marker for the plane almost.

  3. ChitownUFO

    @Bens79 did i put the brown line in this vid? your right i remember the brown line under the chemtrail right? in the south sky. i have to look now. this was on the 13th about 3 pm i think i saw the brown line today and taped it. did you see the huge star on july 5th? i videotaped it it’s on H.A.M. and Power

  4. Bens79

    did this happen at around 10am? i think i saw it from the brown line … it caught my attention because it was so obvious

  5. ChitownUFO

    @lilshook1 thanks lilshook i took your advice and it worked 😉 yes i will do that timelapse, i’ll talk to you about how to set it up. thanks for waking me up in february lol i’ll never forget that ;D

  6. lilshook1

    @ 1:43 lol ….. “peek-a-boo you fucks you” – joe pesci ‘casino’
    good filming structure! and your cuts have gotten a lot better too! good work chitown!
    i like how you stayed with’em and focused out to show the whole trail. and focused in to show the plane. all while giving enough time for the viewer to appreciate the cuts. like looking at art! 😀
    would you consider doing a timelapse video? to show the time along the way of the video you film?

    adding this to the collection. over 1100 videos!

  7. DianaHiggins1

    Chemtrials Chicago Illinois.

    Why…, maybe because you live next to next to lake Michagan. Track the jet stream and you can predict the chemtrails.

    I see them all the time.

  8. ChitownUFO

    @Jerry2665 we had gone without chemtrails for about two weeks before yesterday. very unusual to go that long. usually get them every couple days

  9. Jerry2665

    Wow some heavy chemtrailing going on there. Its been about 3 weeks ago the last time we here in up state new york got hit with that stuff. Be safe out there. Peace,,,,


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