Chemtrails Kill Birds?

Good Morning Chia Lincoln #1. This is the first episode in which we discuss why thousands of birds are dead in Arkansas. The story. ——– Main YouTube Channel: ——— LIKE us on FACEBOOK! ——— FOLLOW us on TWITTER! Rhett: Link: Video Updates: ———– GMCL theme piano music: ? ———– Become a MYTHICAL BEAST for exclusive video, creative projects, etc.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails Kill Birds?

  1. TheMobileMovement

    ROTFLOL “Chuck Noris was in the middle of a round-house kick and farted” thumb up if you DIED laughing!!

  2. PaisGreenapple3

    I heard that they died of internal bleeding, so maybe some kind of shockwave from an explosion or something.

  3. LaurenNicole316

    I’m from Arkansas and we pronounce it the same way he did…haha
    And I live really close to where the dead birds fell =/
    No people died…..

  4. pierox11112222

    People get mad when other people pronounce Arkansas wrong. If they would just take the last S, there would be so many angry people!!!!

  5. DreamDare2

    “What kind of birds were these?” “Dead hampsters . . . ”
    Haha! At first I thought Rhett was answering Link’s question, but then when he kept talking I realized he was going off on his own thing about people’s hampsters dying. =P

  6. tornadorainbow111

    OK, the state of Arkansas is pronounced “ARE-CAN-SAW”, the river, on the other hand, is pronounced “ARE-CAN-SUZ”! I know this because I live about 2 miles away from the Arkansas river in the state of Kansas.

  7. my2001LincolnTownCar

    Chemtrails are the real deal guys! Nobody believes me, but I believe in it! Also nobody believes I saw a UFO, but that’s a different story. No I’m not being stupid, I’m being completely serious

  8. MeenyMcSweeny

    I command you to bring this series back or I shall send some of my mutants (made a video about them) after you’re pet gerbils!

  9. walkingangel617

    It’s true, they put bacteria and virus in the trails that’s why somedays you feel gross and the next day you feel fine. And I’m not a tree hugger!!

  10. whenmonkeysattack16

    @TheLauraSui ooooooohhh…Tell me, Is Justin Bieber the President in another dimension? If so, I feel bad for them…

  11. BrickAndBeyond

    @Tomi4361 Im not a troll for defending the truth about where I live,and I thought you were just saying that to prejudice,so yeah sorry

  12. badapple65

    Chemtrails killed the birds. Birds have always been used to test the air, such as in caves, tunnels, even Egyptian tombs that are explored. Reason being they are sensitive to bad air. So what is making the air bad enough to drop thousands of birds at the same time. YouTube -CHEMTRAILS.


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