Chemtrails Kill SEE Gray chems & Military Jets caught on Film We head out to the Arizona Desert and check out military planes, and gray Chemtrails, the latest in Chemtrail technology! We have a lot of information in this video including sicknesses that are beginning to be reported all over the world, including the USA. We wish thank all who contributed to the documentary! Please contact us at our website: CHEMTRAILS KILL on Facebook We can also be found on the GIC Network, Blogspot under SPEAK TRUTH If you have any information regarding chemtrails, gray chemtrails Nano Chemwebs, Morgellons patients, pilots, or locations you would like our team to check out, please contact us at or It is urgent to contact us ASAP. We need to stop the spraying!

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails Kill SEE Gray chems & Military Jets caught on Film

  1. revmichellehopkins

    There is an explanation. It is NOT an accident. I have the answers you seek. People need to hear this. But I must protect my sources. If you really want to know what is happening…

    *Go to my channel — Read my “FEED”? —> *COMMENTS*

  2. raceman73200

    @navyone1978 you are not protecting anyone you work for? private banks. you are a cheap thug. if what you do is “protecting me” please stop protecting me … quit crying and go do the fucking job you signed up for. Now go shoot and bomb some little brown kids.

  3. codzomz

    @thetruthisoutthere32 so u did not PM me, yet u think you can throw these completely? bullshit comments at me thinking I lie to the American people about the government, you think I light the government? you are so fucking dumb its practically repulsive, especially that you have to sift through 2 months of comments to find mine, not only are you dumb, brainwashed, and ignorant, but you also do not have a life, trust if it was my job to spray chemicals, the first place id spray is above ur house.

  4. navyone1978

    @codzomz. You really want to argue with people? who’s heads are buried in the sand? Good luck.. I’m a jet engine mechanic and operator, you and I bot know the truth, but some look for a conspiracy behind every corner….

  5. tomharrell1954

    @navyone1978 Thank you for your service! I do appreciate? it. Can you tell me what all the spraying is about?

  6. drummerbadass1

    @navyone1978 I didn’t ask you to protect me. Protect me from what? You are geting a salary and bennies. Most of America doesn’t want to pay for your? services. How about you be grateful that you have a job. Probably the only one you could get…now how about stfu?? And a thank you would be in order too, public servant..

  7. vlostsoul

    Plenty of data out there supporting that they are not con-trails. I made a video on Chem-trail awareness day in Mount Shasta where there is HEAVY spraying and the video features an interview with Francis from the film ‘What in the World Are They Spraying?’ In the video you will? see him present rather shocking data that has to be considered by the forest service legally but IS NOT

  8. codzomz

    this is such bullshit it is unbelievable, thats all I am going to say. If someone wants to take me in an argument, bring it, but PS me, I cannot stand? the 500 or whatever character limit on these comments besides it dirties up the videos face, and this videos already lookin like shit enough, we dont have to make it worse, seriously, I have been a pilot for 5 years and have flown from the small planes to the “chemtrail” planes all the times, seriously, I want you to see the real, boring, truth

  9. HeyEatMyShit

    im looking out my house right now its its crazy. ive never? seen it like this. they criss cross. i live in nebraska

  10. wesper12

    I just made a video today, beginning on a different topic, but included? my observance of the sky recently. I cant believe I never soaked in what I was looking at, until today. Anyhoo…there is an epic amount of these trails in Ohio, and that’s why I sent you you my video on the stink bug…sorry it is titled off topic, but it does contain footage of these chem trails. Peace and Balance to you and yours <3

  11. WhiteGangster400

    @OnenessNow GOD ALL MIGHTY, IT’S ARMAGEDDON RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!! OH-NO! hahah you? morons will be fine, just like nothing happened, because that’s what you’re supposed to think, and I’m not a real youtube user, I’m just another top secret agent paid by Obama using your tax dollars HAHAHAHAH

  12. 777thefreedomfighter

    This video is inspiring im against this atrocity it is too bad many are asleep to this or are comfortable? with their own prejudice and find it difficult to put their ego aside and speak up they will wake up when it is too late.


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