Chemtrails Las Vegas NV 28th/2/2008

Chemtrails Las Vegas NV 28/2/2008. (Original title: A Perfect Circle. Whats Going On 2-28-08 2,45 PM). [ Video and text imported from: ” Las Vegas NV. around 2:45PM in the afternoon on Thursday, February 28, 2008. A Perfect Circle – Whats Going On ” ] It also can be seen at:

10 thoughts on “Chemtrails Las Vegas NV 28th/2/2008

  1. TodaysRapisTrash

    @KerPlunkItDude What’s there not to believe? Are you saying there’s no lines in the sky? If so, what would you say they are? When I look up in the sky and see the shit with my eyes, it’s hard NOT to believe. Idiot

  2. AlanWattParrot

    @KerPlunkItDude Nnnno not another ‘Wow’-er

    you for real? You grubby little whores still shilling against the existence of chemtrails when it’s openly admitted in Rothschild-owned The Economist for e.g. (do a search muppet) and in the face of THIS kind of video PROOF. These are CONtrails? You tit lol

  3. alnetworks2010

    @KerPlunkItDude No we don’t. We only believe in Big foot.
    A tomar por culo de aquí, hijoputa.

  4. JollyRodders

    I wonder if British Airways left any of those trails. The British have never forgiven those American terrorists for revolting and chucking all that good tea away. Mabye Virgin is helping out too.

  5. alnetworks2010

    @FXM555 I know it’s working; and not only with me, but with you too, and with all of us. The only difference is that I am aware of the movie, and you just enjoy it, believing it doesn’t affect your criminal mind. which -in fact- was idiotized since the same moment that you were born.

  6. alnetworks2010

    @glenitube You’re wrong: In my channel these funcking poissons in the air are called CRIMINAL EUGENESIC CHEMTRAILS.
    Thanks for your fast understanding; and…
    … BYE!.


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