Chemtrails – List Of Countries / “Why?”

Produced in April 2009. This video contains a list of countries which are involved into chemtrail activity. The list is result of my personal research at some internet sites and different YouTube videos, also from “Chemtrail Movie”. Part “Why?” content my thinking and overview about chem-activity and possible reasons for it. IMPORTANT NOTE: As many countries still dont have access to internet (in Africa and Asia for example), there is possibility that activity is runing also at some other parts of the world also, but we cant get information about it. Research is based mainly on the informations available at YouTube and net, so possibly, map of activity is not complete. SPECIAL THANKS to my friends and cooperatives for video materials: lookupwakeup, ozobezleeb, studentdebts, seekyethetruth, thechemtrailreport, tilbis1 This video represents our joint counteract about chemtrail activity. STOP CHEMTRAILS!

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails – List Of Countries / “Why?”

  1. rpmrpms

    I don’t care why they say they are doing it. I want everyone involved and everyone who is turning a blind eye, this would be politicians, weather channel people, police, doctors, lawyers everyone and anyone who knows and are directly or indirectly involved, held accountable, this means tried, and punished up to and including execution. This is a crime against humanity and millions have died of upper respiratory attacks, heart attacks,dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson, not to mention Morgellons.

  2. warmm0nkey

    1921,” US. Air Service Newsletter”:

    “26,000-27,000 feet” … “a long feathery white streamer was observed forming behind a rapidly moving dark speck. The cloud was of the cirrus variety” …”After 20 minutes the streamer had drifted and spread until? it merged indistinguishably with the other cirrus clouds visible.”

    That account also documents the first contrails gaps, and a dissipation trail through preexisting cirrus. A copy of? it can be found at:


  3. benoitrobert63

    Having said that, Banking ($) big time on it is only a big BONUS. It is not about killing two birds with one stone here…No no no. Bien sûr! It’ s a whole lot more than that!..The demented perverts have many holes to screw with that one. thinking that their primitive and pathetic minds are actually clever?! LOL..Like I often say, sad but funny…Entertaining…They must sart doodoo their cribs now…Seems like something(s) conscious (a term baffling to them) is paying attention… oops! LOL..

  4. benoitrobert63

    They’re big on it here also in Montreal. once famous for it’s clear blue skies.Some days the attacks are really massive and so indeniable. I think the scariest part is not the chemtrails themselves (barium,aluminium and all sorts of goodies depending if contaminations are being conducted)but the fact that it’s being done in people’s plain view! Right in their golible unsuspecting faces! With such comtempt and complaisance! master says “go buy those prescriptions you worthless piece of shit!

  5. IwontConform

    We have to stop this shit.Please people,inform everyone you know about this issue.Tell them to put the cellphone down and look up.Then explain it to them.If they seem unconcerned or puzzled,hit them with a large stick and try again.

  6. cusanusnicolas

    I was noticing a lot of them in Montana early 2000s. Moved overseas in 2005 and haven’t seen a single one since, now 2010. The population density (and air traffic) is about 60 times here what it would be Montana.

  7. handydude6

    All the red countries have a free internet. On top of that most are formerly Protestant countries, who forgot to Protest because of the Beasts with 7 heads, control over all other media sources.

    Aluminum will make you sick, with a headache, and eventually will cause Alzheimers. Morgellens is real. Bastards are testing man made life forms, out of polymers, on us.

  8. iluvrocknrap

    @cuadrature these are prbly the biggest pussys on the planet fuck if they want to do that fine but ive read the bible why would want to piss off the big man in the chair are they crazyyyy there time will come

  9. IamAwakey

    I love this video, I hate what is going on above us, and ultimately inside us, I’m sick, I’m tired of being a lab rat…
    Shared on Chemtrails Kill, a group on facebook, come join us, and share some more truth.

  10. Isanion

    this video really needs to be cut down, the first 5 minutes alone could be done in 30 seconds. Any audience watching that does not already agree with you gets bored when you don’t get to the point quickly.

  11. nelson3300

    I have seen many trails over the SF bay area, specifically from the oakland hills. They would often get a nice little 2×2 grid or so right above the bay. And honestly, all I have to say is that if this was a normal phenomenon, we would see it nearly every day (depending on the weather, of course). Airplanes travel using set way-points, creating a highway in the sky. Theoretically, we should be able to track the normal air traffic, and tell when something is out of place.

  12. daiiani

    Okey so I looked into it abit. But its quite hard to get your point.
    What does the “chemtrails mean”? Are you against them?

    I like to get some more info, sorry for the laziness but I rly dont have time to look into the situation right now!

  13. GeneGibbons9119

    human being See MONSTER.
    —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

    monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.
    —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)


    above the dark clouds are chemicals being sprayed unseen from the naked eye… but felt by my body… the drops spray on the land with the rain and I dont know why I feel the way I feel…

  15. madtrixx79

    Did anyone hear of the depopulation agenda of the illuminati/bilderberger?
    The overpopulation seems to be the reason why they use worldwide chemtrails since over 10 fuckin’ years! It makes sense.


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