Chemtrails- March 1, 2008- ALL DAY LONG! Ft. Lauderdale, Fl www.HurtsToWatch.Us

12 thoughts on “Chemtrails- March 1, 2008- ALL DAY LONG! Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

  1. freedomdefender10

    What you saw there is a NOT a CONTRAIL – It’s actually a CHEMTRAIL being dissolved by a CHEMBUSTER.

    Someone in your region is using ORGONITE or an orgonite chembuster. Google it – ORGONITE CHEMBUSTER CLOUDBUSTER.

    They work really well, you can tell from your photos you have orgonite in your area.

    When the humidity is high it takes longer for the orgonite to break down the trails, but they will eventually. When it’s drier, the chem’s break down fast.

    Make one and help out.

  2. Swordofgnosis

    you would be awesomely stupid to think obvious atmospheric pollution was an ‘opinionated’ issue, kek888. You would have to know a little more about atmospheric science to really be able to discern what is a propriety contrail, and geoengineering particulate dispersal trail, if you goto contrailsciencedotcom you will be sent up the garden path, which would lead you to believe that chemtrails make no sense. contrailscience are more than a pollution apologists, they have been hiding geoengineering.

  3. believersunderground

    Agriculture Code, Title 9, Weather and Climate
    Chapters 301 and 302
    Administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

    Project SPECTRA, PROJECT SUPRECIP, PROJECT HEAT and PROJECT PAPRICA. Who knows how many other contractors are working on more govt projects but they have to be listed for the public on some venue because it is being paid with TAX dollars.

  4. kek888

    no offense, but who is this “someone” and where is the proof. I’m not one to believe things just because people try to claim their opinions to be fact.

  5. a123a456a123a456a

    kek someone went up in a hot air ballon and took a sample of this stuff, high amounts of barium and aluminum, neurotoxins, thats why you cant understand chemtrails, or how these “experiments” are being done, i say its murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and aiding and abetting murderers,

  6. kek888

    those are called condensation trails from planes flying at high altitudes. Happens all the time. Chem trails don’t even make sense.

  7. rewindme

    i see you have infringed on the copyright of a song. I did this too. The video I did this to gets absolutely no views, and it has that same Obama advertisement. My other chemtrail videos get thousands of views and have been up less time. check it out. Definetely censored


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