Chemtrails on CSI

Chemtrails on CSI – This is called “pre-programming”. It is a form of mind control. “talking points” are inserted into television programs in order to influence how people view reality. This is an obvious example. First they say someone who talks about chemtrails is “anti-american” then later they show him as a “domestic terrorist” so this will become part of your thinking. Most of the time the mind programing is not so obvious. For more REAL information on chemtrails visit or for more propaganda just continue watching television. Whatever you do, for God’s sake, don’t mention the reptiles.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails on CSI

  1. markoreardon

    you are the one who is anti american you scruffy writer of evil propoganda.To The screenwriter of course :))))

  2. kissthisguy88

    Proof that some Hollywood scripts are written by the pentagon. This scene has an agenda to make people believe these three issues are tinfoil hat stuff. Actually, if you research these three issues each one is real and people need to wake up.

  3. haromfarkas

    “Whatever you do, for God’s sake, don’t mention the reptiles.”

    What do you mean??

    Do you mean not to mention them because it makes conspiracy theorists look worse than they already are? Or because they are real and can “sense” when and who is talking about them? I’m not trying to sound rude but those are my questions. And yes, I believe in chemtrails.

  4. remi777692

    @nash6328 its part of the big plan! Propaganda they know these things are real but if they say its stupid to belive it then people will actually belive it!

  5. TheLoonwolf

    In an episode of ‘Dexter’ they were talking to some “nutjob” who was constantly calling the police about crimes he suspected were occurring. One of the characters said something like, “He even called us once, saying that there was something wrong with the clouds!” And they laughed at how crazy we was.

  6. ShillBasher

    Great capture, well done. Not only does this episode seem to be riduculing any conspiracy and it’s theorists it also does a pretty good job of earning some nice ‘product placement’ $’s.
    “iPad anyone? no? why not? whaddaya mean they’re overpriced underperforming bits of shit with no keyboard and room for upgrade unless you pay Apple Inc’ for the Ap’s? Blah.. you’re all crazy.. just crazy I say”

    Turn off the TV people, it’s all just bullshit.

  7. fedtheend

    who else is detoxifying almost daily now? wheatgrass juice, activated charcoal, clay baths, raw foods, slow chelation recipes. i am , and I retook my georgia work ready certs and my score went WAY up. pure platnum baby. there is certainly a lot of hype and bs out there but cadaver bones today were reported in my newspaper to have 400 times the lead content of cadavers from around 1910, so even if chemtrails are fake there is lot’s of poisons out there.

  8. rfl133

    Too bad water flouridation is in my cities water report for “drinker’s teeth”! That right there proves these people are phycopathic liars. This should be enough to arrest them for treason.

  9. vme02

    Come on folks, don’t be anti-American and drink your sodium flouride. Then you can safely discard chemtrails as just jet exhaust. If you drink enough flouride you can stop thinking all together and let someone smarter than you do all your thinking for you. Now wouldn’t that make for a happier life? 😉

  10. rosepaigefly

    LMAOL! thanks for the laugh – and the reminder as to why I threw my television out!

    New Zealand is being bombed with chemicals ~ don’t come here for your holidays. NATO has taken us over. Clean green NZ is an illusion!

  11. hddistortion

    Odd times we have before us. I guess now you are Anti-American if you question the world around you? I too… will never watch this show again. 1000 thumbs up to show we will not support treasonous manipulative shows, and that we are now wise to media manipulations. Hmm… so now being a obedient worthless zombie means you’re Pro-American? I don’t think so. :O

  12. bearhamo

    Call me un-American. Call me a conspiracy theorist. These pricks on TV will tell you lies all day long. Just like cop or a judge. Our system is, and has been part of the dark side for many years now. The World Bank, IMF, WTO, UN all of them. Stick with what you believe. In your heart you know what is right. Just think about the patriot act alone. Is it really for your protection? You are whacked in the head if you think it is wrong, useless and will not stop terror? Stand up!

  13. SpudXXXX

    Blantant browbeating brainwashing BS. Strange ! I couldn’t think of another word for them that begins with B 😉

  14. MikeFromTheUK1

    Chemtrails and the dangers of water fluoridation are very real if only you took some time to research these issues you’d soon realise this for yourself, propaganda like the one in this CSI episode sickens me.

  15. t4705mb6

    Those who work the most diligently on making the WORD “conspiracy” a base for ridicule and laughter are….. CONSPIRATORS!! And they are VERY good at making that word sound ….silly. By LAW, ANY persons (2 or more) planning a crime are….CONSPIRATORS. Most people today are pretty much brain dead by design. (Goya brains have been poisoned methodically for decades.) Imagine that you are Homer Simpson or Ray Romano & your boss is Tony Soprano or Gordon Gecko.

  16. GrassyKnollTrolls

    @joel045 , in actuality, because they added water fluoridation into the mix, this is one of the best and blatant examples to show closed minded numbskulls what we;ve been trying to explain to them for a long time. I bet half those who are “on the fence” today about these depopulation slow kill attacks on the public would be more convinced, not less, after seeing this.


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