10 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS ON DEC. 10, 2009

  1. CathyFromPensacola

    Horrible! They are attempting to block the sunshine which is our main souce of vitamin D (our main defense against diseases like the flu).

    Stay strong and keep healthy (eat natural/organic, ascorbic acid/vitamin C, collidial silver, sunshine, drink water, etc).

    I posted your video on my blog Sonoma chemtrails blogspot. Thanks!

  2. lookupwakeup

    Wow…… looks like you got spray heavy this morning! They must have been at it all night. That is disgusting! Thanks for posting and exposing these crimes!
    Peace and good health.

  3. anthony5680

    Wow that is a lot in one area. When I see them here in Sacramento, I never see more than three in the same area. What part of the country are you in?


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