8 thoughts on “chemtrails “on & off” may 7th 2011 san jose ca.

  1. laurajbishop

    Hey, I live in Louisiana and on the 4th of May, only 3 days before you shot this footage, the sky here looked JUST LIKE THIS. I even got a still shot of a plane making a trail and it had on and off breaks in it. When I try to explain this to people, they look at me as though I’m crazy. I am not. I have Morgellons – in part-because of this shit.Being that we both saw this three days apart, I would bet it was some operation being carried out by the gov.

  2. electeknowizard

    They are not wasting a drop…turn it when they need to…. then turn it off where the don’t….seems like they are stepping up the pace….

  3. ChemTrailSkys

    Nice Close Up, I started Coughing!
    You can Hear them Turning it Off & On…Kinda sounds like a Vaccuum Cleaner!…lol
    Excellent Capture of the “Normal” being Shut Off & On! ChemTrails & Contrails.
    The So-Called Contrails are also Spraying…those are not Contrails….
    Domestic Terrorism!
    Check out my latest Video! They Pounded the Shit out of US!
    Have a Beer, on me!

  4. roz805

    And the media posits this week…why are there so many cases of asthma being diagnosed? Ugh. Good shots. Thanks for posting. Peace.

  5. trettomahawk

    Man, those are some damn thick trails! here you have it your electromagnetic medium,once called “atmosphere”. Today the sky above me was turned into the pale,whitish,reflective frosted glass that it usually (by this time) is,with the Sun completely cloaked.We are being attacked from every direction.And there may be another false-flag bloodbath in the next months.The bastard media are calling it. Brother, I don’t have anything else to say, other than be prepared and stay safe as much as you can.


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