Chemtrails over Liverpool

I took these on the 27th September 2007. It was quite windy, and they dispersed into a huge cloud covering half the sky within 20 minutes….. What is this crap in the sky?!

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails over Liverpool

  1. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – None of what you write changes the simple fact that contrails spread and form haze or clouds. You just keep clinging to the same old tired tricks that chemtrailers always go on about – pointing to legitimate experiments, and then extrapolating fictional claims from them. Records of cloud seeding experiments is just that – records of cloud seeding experiments.

  2. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – Factual knowledge doesn’t come to an individual by believing what others say. It’s about understanding how something works so that you yourself can verify the truth of that process. It is you who are naieve, as you reject factual knowledge that you yourself could obtain by understanding the process, simply because it doesn’t fit your fantasy. Contrails spread and form clouds – it’s a process understood by millions. Learn, and stop being the pawn of liars.

  3. stromak

    @GeoffBlackmore don’t worry yourself a bit dear. It’s not really a moral hazzard, its just freeriding on our grandkids anyway…
    If you’d like to hear these words directly from THE ‘scientist’ geoengineer David Keith google: What in the world are they spraying. You have to hear it, cos its ‘too good to believe it’! 10megatons of aluminium into atmosphere is a cheap operation.

  4. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – What are you talking about? You’ve ceased making any sense.

    Bottom line: Clouds and contrails spread. Your belief that they don’t is false. Educate yourself and learn the processes of cloud formation so that you can be better equipped to make an informed decision instead of believing the ignorance and lies of others

  5. stromak

    @stromak Don’t worry about a thing honey, the ‘scientists’ will figure it all out for you. And NEVER ASK ANY QUESTIONS. ITS SCIENCE afterall. You just take whatever next vaccine they come up with in less then few months and relax :)) your naivity is amazing. Are you a teenager, just left school/college i guess? You’ll understand one day. People like you start asking questions, when they’re dying from what scientists convinced them was safe..bit too late when you have one third of lungs

  6. stromak

    @GeoffBlackmore Dave Wigington: “So let me clarify, 10 megatons of aluminium dumped into the atmosphere would have no human health impacts?” SCIENTIST David Keith: “So let me be more careful here, the aluminium we’ve only began to research and published nothing.” and “So I told you it’s cheap to deliver materials into the stratosphere…and i don’t think that would change, …it is so cheap, that the cost is basically not going to be an issue.”

  7. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – Now you’ve displayed paranoia, on top of your rejection of the very concepts of education and knowledge. I’m surprised you can function at all :)

    Next you’ll be saying the Earth is flat. After all, you need education and science to understand it is round.

  8. stromak

    @GeoffBlackmore lol have a nice day and BREAAAAAAATHE IN DEEEEEEP! One of your ‘SCIENTIFIC DEITY’ David Keith (University of Calgary – The Royal Science Society on geoengineering conference): “And by the way it’s not really a moral hazzard. It’s more like freeriding on our grandkids.” You have no idea, who and what you’re dealing with here.

  9. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – Ah now it’s clear why you are so close minded – you reject the very notions of science and education. Like any open-minded person, my understanding of contrails and clouds comes from understanding how the processes work, not just because somebody tells me. I know that 2 + 2 = 4 because I understand the process. You are basically saying that 4 isn’t the answer because we don’t really know who is behind mathematics. It’s idiotic. Educate yourself, and open your mind to knowledge!

  10. stromak

    @GeoffBlackmore You are yet to understand who is behind this so called ‘science’ and ‘education’ and naming of ‘new clouds’ as in so called ‘Cloud’s Appreciation Society’ and National Geographic and similar kabals. But that’s ok. You’ll get there one day. You were trained really well what to think. And it will take you long time and lot of hard work or maybe just one sudden blow to start thinking for yourself.

  11. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – Science isn’t “propaganda”. The science behind cloud formation is well known, well researched, and widely available for you to read about. It’s you who needs to educate yourself, because your false belief that contrails can’t linger and spread just makes you look silly. In high school science you’d get an F!

  12. stromak

    @GeoffBlackmore It is time you move on from this basic ‘science’ propaganda and start educating yourself.and doing your own research as well.

  13. stromak

    @stromak Read the patents about geoengineering like the following ones:
    3785557 – January 15, 1974 – Cloud Seeding System
    3795626 – March 5, 1974 – Weather Modification Process
    3808595 – April 30, 1974 – Chaff Dispensing System
    3813875 – June 4, 1974 – Rocket Having Barium Release System to Create Ion Clouds In The Upper Atmopsphere
    This is not basic high school science it is higher level, so you might not be able to grasp it, but don’t let it put you off.

  14. GeoffBlackmore

    (continued) If it’s windy when long lasting contrails are present, they spread out into a haze. It’s very basic science taught at high school level. Read through the link I gave you, as it explains the science behind contrails in basic layman terms.

  15. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – You say you know how long contrails last, yet earlier you wrote that they disappear quickly, so that tells me you haven’t learned what contrails are and how they behave. Remember, a contrail is just an artificially instigated cloud, and they will do the same things clouds do. Contrails will behave differently in different conditions, just as clouds do. They can vanish in seconds when humidity is low, or last for hours when humidity is high.

  16. stromak

    @GeoffBlackmore I know how long contrails last, i did paragliding for 3 years. When you paraglide, you don’t think of anything else than flying and your walking forever with your head turned up to the sky and watch it closely every day – is it flyable today? You learn pretty soon how normal sky looks like, you know how contrails look like and how long they stay up and you know what normal clouds look like. But thank you for your link and your opinions. I appreciate it.

  17. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – htt p://contrail science. com/how-long-do-contrails-last/ will answer your questions.

  18. stromak

    @GeoffBlackmore Really? Why don’t they form those beautiful clouds then? You can cover your eyes from the truth for long enough, but the evidence is mounting and is all there. I used to do paragliding way back and we never had sky covered with trails from horizon to horizon before we opened our airspace to NATO… explain. Our skies were blue blue with lovely natural clouds. Now our skies are hazy white covered from end to end in trails that do not form clouds, but spread out all across.

  19. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – No, that is untrue. Contrails will either dissipate quickly, slowly, or form clouds. The claim that contrails don’t spread or form clouds is completely false. They do. Remember – a contrail is essentially the same as a natural cloud – mostly water vapor turned to ice crystals. In the same way that natural clouds grow in size by accumulating moisture, contrails do exactly the same thing. When the atmosphere is dry, contrails, like natural clouds, can’t sustain themselves.

  20. stromak

    @GeoffBlackmore Contrails dissipate not cover the whole sky from horizon to horizon. This crap in the sky ain’t contrails. But if you’re spraying chemtrails, you’ll keep telling everyone (negating common sense, but that doesn’t matter anymore) that this is contrail of course, which stays in the sky for hours until it spreads out and creates ‘hazy sunshine’ days as forecasted on TV.. lovely. Enjoy the ‘summer’ lol

  21. GeoffBlackmore

    @stromak – What makes them unbelievable? Some airports have thousands of flights a day, so multiple contrails is a common sight in such areas. It’s simple math – 20 planes means 20 contrails.

  22. stromak

    Wow! thank you for filming this and posting! Those grids are unbelievable! Just unreal! And theyr trying to tell us this is contrail from commercial planes? Oh Jesus! Why are people blind to this I dont’ understand..

  23. mondocrat

    Thanks 4 filming & posting! Its important to document the spraying op geographically. We in the USA got sprayed 1st. Heavy spray began in ’05 & steadily moved from the south & west USA/Canada, to the east & north. Then northeast Europe & Australia, to southwest Europe, to now even eastern blocs & China. 1 thing’s for sure, each country thats got sprayed 24/7 for mos,1000s got sick & died. Unnatural droughts & floods appeared. Morgellons is next. 3 already committed suicide in Europe over it.


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