Chemtrails over Los Angeles – April 13 2009

This is a video of 1000 photos taken on April 13 in Los Angeles showing chemtrails and contrails. This was a 1 1/2 hour period and I lost count of the number of planes that flew over. Photos taken between 6:30pm and 8:30pm Pacific Std Time. For the first time, I noticed that chemtrail spraying has gone well into the evening, I assume as long as there is any hint of daylight. Chemtrail spraying has increased dramatically over Los Angeles since December. Watch the end of the video, CONtrails and chemtrails together. Keep your eyes on the skies, see anything strange take a photo. Peace & God Bless You. nwosigns

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails over Los Angeles – April 13 2009

  1. jimdaddi55

    chemtrails= vapor trails from aircraft…. its not a big deal….. in LA its called smog, and it used to be worse….. lord people are paranoid

  2. blueskies4all

    Don’t drink the water, breathe the air or eat the food! Or, move to Cuba, Iran or North Korea – the only countries where there aren’t any chemtrails.

  3. waltermouthoh

    check out ebay listing 180515439528. experiment in los angeles right now. find out about it at the listing 180515439528.

  4. waltermouthoh

    there is an experiment going on in Los Angeles right now. chemtrail buster experiment. read about it at ebay listing 180515439528.

  5. Wrath6909

    I’ve seen this here in the 818, i told my brother about this, but he’s like ‘nah foo you’re a dumbass’ stupid ass ignorant fuckers don’t know shit. We might as well all wear gasmasks from now on when we go outside for a walk.

  6. mecarol7

    i guess they do this every year because this is why we get sick starts off with feeling some nausea and sometime headaches, diarreah, hurl. Don’t people ever think it might be the chemicals in the air. Its all a business and everyone is a slave and all it is to shorten our life expectancy for when we retire.

  7. waltermouthoh

    Here’s a fascinating one!

    While watching the following videos with the screen tilted back a bit do this – quick short stop/starts on the Play button. Do you see the “O waves” or “Sky Waves”? The camera catches them. Video is “Does Orgonite Eliminate Chemtrails”

    With Video called “Effects of Orgonite in the Environment:” stop/start from 0:57, 0:58,…… to 1:09 mins. And have the screen tilted kind of dark. See the “O Waves”? soisnessdotorg

  8. waltermouthoh

    big chemtrail day yesterday in LA, fri 10/9/09. barrage of chemtrails all day and into the night. my mini chemtrail buster was getting a workout all day long. did a pretty good job tho. breaking those chemtrails up pretty well. but they kept pouring it on – more and more chemtrails all day up till at least 11:30 pm. Chemtrail busters work tho. get rid of smog too. “Chemtrail busters”, soisnessdotorg. need more chemtrail busters.

  9. canada780

    okay i live in canada im 18 n iv seen lots of clouds like that…. how many frames per sec in ur videos thous white streaks look sumthing like a plane … after so long u see another possibly the second flight …. and the STUFF coming down clouds seem to look like they fall when it rains… i think ur 2 much in too conspiricys of your goverment.. if it is pollution.. well look canada’s bigger yet we have 1/3 of ur population 1/3 of ur pollution.. take a couple guns kill someone ur fixin ur sky

  10. peterson553

    …altering our atmosphere to fit their genetic make-up so they may exist here? Makes sense, while simultaneously killing us.

  11. peterson553

    Kucinich tried. He drafted a bill mentioning chemtrails and a variety of other dangerous methods being used to control, sicken and kill us. Of course that bill didn’t get anywhere and was rewritten to take out all these things. :(

    healthfreedom (dot) info/HR%202977 (dot) htm

  12. peterson553

    The worst part is, they have identified that mad cow disease, MS and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) are caused by excess barium uptake into the receptors that normally fit copper and zinc (so stock up on those, “plug up” the holes and lessen the chances of toxic uptake of barium).

    Lab results reflect that the chemtrails are barium, aluminum and a variety of bacterias, anthrax, cancers, etc. etc. Welcome to the new world.

  13. joeyandfinny

    May 1, 2009 – past three days are the WORSE skies here in LA area I have ever seen – what is going on?? You cannot tell me this is “normal”!! Anyone here with eyes can look up and see this is madness….

  14. wynterhawke

    There is DEFINITELY SOMETHING going on in our SKIES.
    We have respiratory problems when these Things turn up,
    TODAY is another SPRAY DAY–Thurs April 30,
    WE Are fearing the wrong things!!! We have the right to blue skies,

  15. 2peacegrrrl2

    From my limited knowledge, it appears that nearly all the signs the natives (Hopis) spoke of have appeared, “a web, like a spider’s, will be woven across the sky… a gourd of ashes will fall upon the earth and burn its children (atomic bomb), etc…” What are we to do next? The government clearly is going to keep covering this up. Notice the new DiSSney ads that clearly have chemtrails in the skies? Or basically watch any DiSSney/dreamwerks toon these days. Children are being conditioned to NWO


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