Chemtrails over Wexford Ireland 22 September 2012

Chemtrails over Wexford skies this morning 9.30am 22 September 2012. This is YOUR Life and YOUR HEALTH why entrust it to anyone else. The evidence is there and all you have to do is to look for it. . PLEASE do your own research but you will find the following two links helpful so PLEASE WATCH and judge for yourself. What in the world are they spraying? Alex Jones Chemtrail Central Infowars

20 thoughts on “Chemtrails over Wexford Ireland 22 September 2012

  1. ChemTrailsMN

    Thanks for your Video! Keep up the Watch! People Look UP and Video whats Over YOUR city and upload to YouTube! ChemTrails are all over the World now,check out the documentary “what in the world are they spraying” watch that and you will learn more. Take a look at my Videos over Minnesota USA!? –Thanks again, from — ChemTrailsMN —

  2. Eyoa Napahus

    thanks man, just re-posted it there, i’m only after finding out about the possible link with transhumanism and chemtrails, and as someone said they people doing this don’t care about spraying themselves with nano tech as they obviously want transhumanism? and to be fully part of it. take care and keep up with spreading awareness.

  3. dreamingofavalon

    No worries Amigo it is easy done :-) if you want to send it again? feel free I will accept it as it is an important video and keep getting them out there BUT try not to be so angry haha take care man sending Love from Ireland :-)

  4. Eyoa Napahus

    sorry dude my bad, i did post it else where a few times, never knew that before that you can only do it once. keep? up the good work and sorry again! :)

  5. dreamingofavalon

    A couple of things Amigo. I did post your response + it was up 3? days then it was no longer there? As I certainly didn’t take it off the fault is either from u submitting it to another channel which will automatically take it of this one or its a fault on youtube. I not only posted your video response I Liked + Shared it. So Amigo judging from ur dubious profile and your rude remark I suggest u take a walk or troll somewhere else but I would certainty recommend u learning meditation + manners.

  6. Eyoa Napahus

    excellent video you have there, keep up the good work that’s all you can do! the wettest dullest coldest summer in Ireland for 50 years we had our first frost last Friday, throwing the planet into a cooling mode / artificial ice age is one theory i put? believe in, that will reduce the population for certain and that’s the agenda here isn’t it. Gassing the whole planet would be hard to sell to the rulers of the world as i’m sure they wouldn’t want to be gassed themselves. THE SICK FUCKS!

  7. dreamingofavalon

    Thanks for your comment it is good to see you acknowledge Chemtrails exist at least that shows your starting to? climb outside the box:-) sending you a hug from Wexford and best of luck for your journey ahead :-)

  8. tbirdlauderdale

    Coolaboola , if you want to send me your number in a message ill give? you a buzz next time im in the area, cheers man :)

  9. dreamingofavalon

    Terry it would be good to hook up man we are not to? far from each other if youre ever planning to be over Rosslare way give me a shout and pop in for a bit o craic and a copy would be great man if you had one handy.

  10. dreamingofavalon

    Thanks Terry for your comment and also thanks for getting the message out there The radio interview raised awareness and your campaign against water fluoridation in Ireland and the other things you are highlighting has and IS creating a change in the mindset of the people you ARE getting your point across :-) So my Brother we will always get the nay Sayers and we will be up against the faceless people who control + manipulate the sheep but thanks to people like you there’s less sheep by? the day.

  11. tbirdlauderdale

    Thank? you for posting this in response to my video my friend, if you want a hard copy of ‘What in the world are they spraying’ to make copies of give me a shout and i can post you on one or i can meet up with you for a chat either…cheers

  12. tbirdlauderdale

    Well for 6 days after my interview on southeast radio they suspended spraying over Ireland. The weeks and months prior to? that we were under constant attack and then all of a sudden the day i was aired it stopped. Very coincidental, i dont think so. They needed to discredit me and thye know most people operate on a one week news cycle. So they have resumed their sinister activities once again but thank god some people are paying attention.

  13. ivaj4trance

    Great Video !! People Must Wake up & know about? this Genocide……… Chemtrails, H.a.a.r.p , GeoEnginering & Morgellon evidence from 1995 …….. Thanks 4 Share .. Shared

  14. dreamingofavalon

    Thanks for your? comment and support lawrcram :-) I’ve been over to your channel fair play on you keep that video running :-) Love to Scotland

  15. lawrcram

    Well said, that stringy stuff reached us over Aberdeen Scotland about 1:00pm. I’ve? been taking footage throughout the day. Great capture I’ve liked & save to list to assist the protest against this chemtrail shit, oh and I subbed (vegan). Cheers


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