Chemtrails…Project Obscuration: Planet “x” exposed!!


28 thoughts on “Chemtrails…Project Obscuration: Planet “x” exposed!!

  1. FearAndLoathing888

    they spray in NC all the time. I have seen it for 3 plus years. It terrible? and its real. reality sucks.

  2. knackerFacker

    Buy yourself some analyzing equipment and figure out wtf? exhaust from a normal plane contain then, moron.

    Why people are seeing this all over the world, is because there are PLANES ALL OVER THE WORLD YOU IDIOT!

  3. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    First? of all YOU are the RETARD!! YOU are the IDIOT!! Exhaust vapor??? In X patterns, grids, and others?? Does exhaust vapor contain barium, aluminum, magnesium, nickel and other chemicals? People are seeing this ALL OVER THE WORLD ASSHOLE, not just in ONE area like you say!! Hey you LYING jerkoff, if you think all of thie is a load of crap then why are you here investigating it then????????? I know why, because you are a government shill that’s why!

  4. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    Colorado would be a good place to be as it’s high enough in elevation. The Missouri Ozarks is another good place. Be at least 500 feet in elevation to be safe. Take a look at the Denver Airport conspiracy and why the government picked it to relocate. CIA, FBI, and many others are all moving to Denver. That airport can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute and has 5500 miles of Fiber Optic cable. They are preparing for something huge; and the underground tunnels are like? 50 miles long.

  5. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    Here are the possibilities: HAARP preperation for something or testing, poisoning? the masses to make us passive and apathetic( possibly genocide), Hiding Nibiru and it’s planetary bodies and moons, blocking the radiation from the second sun( NIbiru’s sun) to protect the planet from frying ( barium absorbs radiation) and finally, they are setting? up a system to project a hologram fake alien invasion to, in one day, discredit the Bible and say a bunch of 4 inch wide greys put us here! Rediculous!

  6. cbass5511

    It’s hope sent by our creator to destroy the system of control that’s been in place on this planet for? a very long time.

  7. TheDonnrose

    Nice to hear sheeple crap from someone that has never bothered to see fact from fiction in our own skys for himself!! Have you even bothered to look at your own skys on a reagular basis?? Ofcoarse not otherwise you would have a whole new view on whats really going on in your world. And cemtrail spraying is so!! 1999. Its such a smalll piece of whats going on. If you can’t prove spraying to yourself then there is no help for you. ?

  8. TheDonnrose

    You are so correct!! Having a dwarf star 2nd sun is so much more the right answer. We would be way incorrect without one. Most? don’t get it. That this would be the normal way of things. Never Thought I would have to go through that cycle in my lifetime. 26,000 yrs. To bad we will get to see it. Have you a plan at all? I’m going to Co. How about you? DO you have a plan in effect? D

  9. MyBelowme

    so i bet that shit moved around? a lot huh…..the smaller one?
    anytime i photo it i can angle my camera various ways and practically place the smaller sun wherever i like…

  10. drumr72

    : How arrogant of you, typical right winger – shit for brains answer. Nasa admits that over 80% of solar systems are BINARY – 2 stars at least. For us to not have a twin makes us a real EXCEPTION. You realize how uninformed you are to make that last statement. By the way, all the potheads I know are successful, intelligent people.? The drinkers I know are the Fox news, cant think for themselves types. Grow up pal

  11. knackerFacker

    Stupid idiots, if the exhaust vapor (yes that’s what is is) is blocking the sun _FOR YOU_ at one point on land, it doesn’t for? a guy that live at another geographical position relative to yourself at the same time.

    Thus, they aren’t blocking the sun for other people than yourself.

    The only chemicals involved here must be located in you moron’s pot smoking equipment.

    Jesus Christ what a load of retarded f*cktards you all are for believing in this nonsense.

  12. David Kardell

    Mostly ive seen they spray to hide the sun, mostly at sunset, different areas at different times for different locations.? X is seen best at sunset.

  13. A707B2

    Some believe the powers that be spray chemtrails to mess with our immune systems, some to defect reproduction, to enhance HAARP weather changing aurora? stratospheric magnet field to cause tsunamis hurricanes etc.
    Others believe chemtrails provide methods for detecting extraterrestrial biological entities spacecraft. Others to cause a global cooling yet others believe to reverse ozone depletion.
    I just say STOP and inform us NOW!

    And likely I should say;Turn yer azz into authorities NOW!

  14. A707B2


    Ignore Ridicule Attack, you must be serpant’s seed!

    Nasty Comment:
    “…ReneeNme has replied to your comment on Chemtrails…Project Obscuration: Planet “x” exposed!!:

    Alex Jones is a dollar seeking dumb fuck who is about? as valuable to society as a dog turd is attached to the underside of a persons shoe A707B2. Get a grip on reality please, thanx. …”

    You must be Dis either dis-info or dis-eased!

  15. ReneeNme

    Alex Jones is a dollar seeking dumb fuck who is about as valuable to society as a dog turd is attached to the underside of a persons? shoe A707B2. Get a grip on reality please, thanx.

  16. A707B2

    Released and broke I believe on Infowars about middle last summer 2009,? USA Govt admitted releasing aluminium hydroxide and barium salts.

  17. A707B2

    They r 2 dumb u down & kill ur ass as a eugenical way 2 help u avoid being burden on societies formerly-secret upper crust. Bilderbergers baby! See alex? jones.

  18. FromDimmuLand

    They are pretty new,? most observations started around 1996, so why dont you explain to us , What changed ? why are the ‘CON-trails’ so much diffrent NOW ?

  19. ReneeNme

    Oh and by the way jettscreemr ? I see that you have Marshall Masters / YowBooks bullshit? favorited on you channel. Masters, Zecharia Sitchen, Robert ” the geek ” Sepehr as well as a plethora of others are just a bunch of zeroes that are full of crap and are out to do nothing but try and make money off of the gullibilty of those that dumb enough to buy their shit books and DVD’s.

    ~ takes a bow ~

  20. Adam R

    I somehow unknowingly managed to film “planet X” in a photograph I had taken of an Alabama sunrise almost two years ago…That got me researching the whole idea of a once every 3600 year instant destruction celestial object. One night while i was researching all this, I happened to follow a link, then another and another and I found myself on a page where some physicists post back and forth. One of them suggested that an object as big as this thing purportedly is would stall our own planet in it’s yearly orbit around the sun. He speculated that when that occured the tectonic plates would groan and make unreal (and loud) noises because they would be suddenly deprived of motion… AND animals that are migratory would be freaking out because the seasons would cease to change… there was much more info that I can’t recall at the moment (the old brain just doesn’t work like it used to-) but all of this really clicked with me because people all over the world have been hearing loud unexplainable noises, birds have been falling out of the sky, and the other stuff that I can’t seem to remember was along these same lines… IT MADE SENSE TO ME…
    So what if they are using the barium, aluminum and strontium mixture (chemtrails) energized by HAARP and are basically PROJECTING a false sky into the air? Hey, as crazy as it sounds it IS do-able.. the technology does exist, it has been used.. and – guess who? our military! As a bonus they could then project holograms of ANYTHING THEY WANTED into our skies..UFO’s, aliens… JESUS??
    think about that….. thanx-

  21. cryptkeeper

    I recently bought 3 old James Bond movies and at least 2 contained obvious chemtrails,most notable Goldfinger.This movie came out in 1963.


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