9 thoughts on “Chemtrails Pt1

  1. CautiousSaint

    @weatherwars And human beings are more than just “chicken littles.” When men begin thinking they are better than other men, they start believing they have the right to have power over others. Those who are spraying think we’re little and therefore we don’t mean anything. What is a life? They think they can do what they want to with everyone else, because they are better than the rest.

  2. CautiousSaint

    @weatherwars Yeah, but you know, IF they ARE spraying nasty stuff on us, that is so much BIGGER than anything else. What do we care about the weather if we’re all dead and can’t enjoy it? And if they are spraying viruses, etc. on us, we have a right to know about it. If they do it and don’t tell us, that shows they know they’re wrong and that they shouldn’t be doing it. They’re sneaky about it because they don’t want us to know. To me, that’s bigger than any kind of weather modification.


    heavy metals are definitely in these sprays! I read recently about the whales that are dieing off. Guess what they found in tissue samples? HEAVY METALS! – All the metals found in chemtrails.

  4. waltermouthoh

    Try this: see the vids below w/ short quick “start/stops” on the Play btn. (best with tiltable screen too, like laptop). Do you see the “O Waves” or “Sky Waves”? (copy the following in youtube search 2 watch these vids):

    “Does Orgonite Eliminate Chemtrails?”

    “Effects of Orgonite in the Environment.”

    good site is soisnessdotorg.

  5. weatherwars

    Buddy, this is SO MUCH LARGER than just spraying the chicken littles down below. Yes, there are biologicals, yes there is Morgellens, yes there is aerosolized HIV and cancer, and H5N1 flu, all this stuff is raining down… But not all the time. Of all the ‘chemtrail flights’ seen 99% are weather and climate related. Your fear creates your sickness. All dis-ease originates in the astral (emotional) body first then precipitates down to the physical body. All dis-ease begins in some fear.

  6. noopy4444

    who is doing it? Airforce pilots thats who..no it is not weather modification.The reason for the chemtrails is that it is chemicals falling down on us.Chemtrails can effect our immune system and chemtrails have been linked to Morgellons. They seem to be only practicing now and the chemicals are low level now (but still could cause flu colds upper respitory problems.and higher level sysmptoms are morgellons and cancer.see aerosol crimes on you tube

  7. northerndisclosure

    Your videos are well done and the scientific explanation in the begining was well done. So what is the reason for the “chemtrails” and the reason behind the weather manipulation? who is doing it? and why? Do you know at least one of these answers?
    5 stars


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