Chemtrails Purpose Exposed! Plus- Chemtrail Conference This Weekend in L.A.

For a T-shirt like mine An enormous amount of evidence of the existence of chemtrails has been collected and now the p…

22 thoughts on “Chemtrails Purpose Exposed! Plus- Chemtrail Conference This Weekend in L.A.

  1. Kronicilln3ss

    Too acidic means u need to put a base like soap is one not sure bout baking soda problem is usually kills crops but food items work such as milk gotta research but idk why one would? use lime that’s very acidic
    They also use chemtrails to make holograms and illusions in the sky as well as sound and alien looking UFOs not sure if they all are but some are they use a blimp that stays up for a decade it’s heavily involved with Haarp I feel u on the family I live with ostrich brainwashed zombies i c

  2. RobbiTheWrangler

    this is slightly misinformed. As a farmer most our soil is too acidic and we need to put lime in it to make it more alkaline. Any non-toxic help from above would be welcome. I’m thinking the spraying is more to control harmful cosmic radiation? from hitting the ground and possibly keeping the measured temperatures down to promote a continued petrol based society. Yes chem trails are happening but sorry lady, your conclusions are unfortunately way off based and don’t help real science.

  3. Charity Hogue

    Perhaps I am guilty of the assumption that the film was based in fact, you can decide that for your self, I have seen it for myself, I can’t tell you what they are spraying all I know is I have seen and documented that they are spraying something. I wish I was not seeing it, but I am. I don’t want to believe they? would be endangering any form of life or the Earth itself, or tampering with Nature for any reason. By not dissipate? I mean it doesn’t disappear, dissolve, go away. I wish it did.

  4. purelyscience1

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say it doesn’t dissipate. Hazy soup of aluminum?
    What would it take? to convince you that chemtrails are nothing more than a paranoid delusion that is a result of a healthy imagination and a distrust for authority.
    A common symptom of conspiracy theorists is the acceptance of all mumbo-jumbo, not just one (9/11, moon-landing, JFK, comtrails, bigfoot…et cetera). Is chemtrials your only….thing?

  5. Charity Hogue

    This does not dissipate at ALL.? They cover the sky. They take a clear sunny day and turn it into a hazy soup of aluminum? Please. I’m a bit older than you sweety so I can tell you this did not used to happen, at least not around here. They are robbing sunlight, causing droughts and who knows what else,I don’t even want to consider the health threat at this point, aluminum is dangerous to living things. This is insanity.

  6. purelyscience1

    Vary in life-span based on many variables (altitude, humidity, temperature, air currents…). You’ll see a pattern if you know these numbers associated with each trail.

    They diffract and reflect incoming electromagnetic waves around the visible spectrum, redirection is? all that is happening. It is nearly impossible to comprehend the internal pressure changes inside of a jet-turbine.

    It’s only hard to understand because one must factor in a dozen variables before any conclusions are drawn.

  7. Charity Hogue

    If I might ask, do contrails? vary in life span or the time it takes for dissipation? If you feel you can offer an explanation for why these trails don’t dissipate, but fan out and rob sunlight please do so. I have several videos documenting this phenomena, and I will respectfully discuss your ideas on them if you care to watch.

  8. Angel Glam

    Los? Angeles is heavily sprayed. With the worst during the debates between Obama and Romney. It looked like a checkerboard pattern in our sky. This year we have had little rain all proceeded by trailing. Followed by crazy heat with no humidity. As a gardener I find powder dryed on my plants after. Its horrible. We Christians must pray against this evil. Our God is more powerful than any weapon against us.

  9. Stray03

    Let me guess, you chem trail believers did better in humanity related classes than science related ones right? Who? needs the simple explanation when a far-fetched gov’t conspiracy is all the rage…

  10. Rafael Lafuente P

    i was just trying to save you money and time burning those dvds saying it is innefficient.? but ok! vale home : )

  11. Cocinelleify

    How suprising. Blaming on the Jews. You would think people get tired of that or ever learn from their history. But no, all the bad things in the world is to blame on the? Jews. Why? Simply. Because they are Jews. But luckely today they can defend theirselfs :)

  12. back2paranormal

    Ok Rafa buddy, let me expalin it? to you.I am not an internet guru like you seem to be, but I can tell you that a lot of people do not like to watch 1-2 Hour movies/documentries on a PC or laptop screen. People by nature prefer to sit on a comfy couch in front of a big screen tv, get my drift?Somebody hands me,for free, a dvd and says”watch this it could save your life”…just out of curiosity, I’m gonna watch it. So come on stop wasting time making sarcastic comments and get active, vale hombre!

  13. Rafael Lafuente P

    we are on the internet where you can reach millions if you do it right ..? but nooo… let’s burn dvds and give them on a one to one basis …. good idea…

  14. Mark Meyers

    I need the shirt “I read it on the Internet” for men. I am? a manly man, and I need a manly shirt that says, “I read it on the Internet”.


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