chemtrails september 2, 2010, a short film

a short film based on the chemtrail operation over Vancouver Island on September 2, 2010

25 thoughts on “chemtrails september 2, 2010, a short film

  1. steelpython

    @sbtornado What strikes me odd is that you, as a former pilot, have put your foot down on your beliefs as though you know both sides of the coin. And you’ve come to express your professional opinion on a youtube video with 1k views. In a society dominated by deception and shrugged-off questions, your background is completely irrelevant to anything you have to say. With the countless independent scientific studies conducted on the chemtrail emissions, there should be no doubt in your mind…

  2. gearlockT

    Nice vid! I filmed the chemtrails on sept 2 here in Kelowna and have it posted on my channel. There was none for so long and then on the 2nd and almost everyday after they sprayed. I’m sure it’s just weather modification, but who really knows eh? If they wanted to kill us off I’m sure there are easier ways to do it. Biogenocide on the other hand is a very real possibility, either way spraying all sorts of chemical compounds in the sky is going to affect the environment in one way or another.

  3. sbtornado

    ….but I assure you that I am not.

    I wonder if I’m arguing with the hopelessly convinced but I’m hoping for the best.

    Please keep the responses civil and with the fewest grammatical errors as possible.

    Thank you.

  4. sbtornado

    They are used for other reasons but you get the point.

    As far as some of the oddities you’ll see, such as the curls, whisps, and sharp cuts in the Contrail, those can be explained by the winds aloft. Turbulence, which is basically eddy-like churning motions in the air can produce some of the odd effects. Wake Turbulence from other aircraft and wind shear are other causes.

    I know there’s no way to convince everyone that I’m not some “Government agent” sent to supply you with disinformation…

  5. sbtornado

    The meteorological reasons aside, the seemingly odd patterns are indeed a result of air traffic control procedures. There are East-West “lanes” and North-South “lanes” and variations thereof. It’s difficult to explain in detail without a map to illustrate what I mean but in a nutshell, Aircraft are guided (or Vectored) to points of latitude and longitude which are referred to as “Waypoints”. These waypoints are used for the sequencing of aircraft for either an Arrival or Departure procedure.

  6. sbtornado

    And I consider myself to be knowledgeable about Air Traffic Control procedures, Airspace structure and aviation in general. So knowing my background I would like to at least share some information to the YouTube masses.

    I would hope that everyone here has taken the time to at least read about the meteorological causes of “Contrails”, and why the develop and persist. I won’t digress into an explanation but something tells me that I will have to in subsequent posts.

  7. sbtornado

    First of all I want to say that I am a very open minded person. I’m willing to question and doubt many of the things that we are taught and told to believe and indoctrinated into. I consider a doubting, skeptical attitude to be of key importance to my person.
    The second thing I want to say is that I have worked in the aviation industry for a number of years now. To be more precise I am a Pilot. In fact I’ve spent some time in the area that this video was filmed in.

  8. ricpalqueb

    Absolutely awesome video. Unfortunately, the sheeple is well maintained by the establishment. Conspiracies in fact are hidden truths that will be released in 50 years !.
    Keep up the good work

  9. sumwoman

    Thanks for making these videos. I’ve added you to the growing list of media publishers…Keep up the good work…don’t despair, together we will bring about clear skies again…just gotta keep raising awareness of this mess above our canadaskywatch
    get the word out – visit chemtrails section of my store truthinducedparanoia at zazzle
    recently had a guy from Greece buy a chemtrail tshirt – this stuff is everywhere!

  10. WellSightedGentleman

    oh dewd, X marks the Spot, in just about every case. In this case X is the primary dumping point predetermined as the ‘best’ spot to disrupt the natural sunlight at sunset, or dawn. They make huge figure 8’s here in front of the sun, often.

  11. WellSightedGentleman

    @INIKALLEN argueing a case for questionable sources, isnt rocket science, some of us see straight through it.

  12. WellSightedGentleman

    great job frizts, some misdirected and hypnotically suggestive commentors hanging here though.
    I totally protest aerosol engineering, as for fearfull alien xenophobia, its a waste of time for anyone who intends on prosecuting and making accountable the human agencies involved in geoengineering. Not unlike argueing for YEARS about the semantics of contrails science, its a time consuming re-direction into another topic entirely, one filled with speculation, misinformation and discredible sources.

  13. RetroGamerWayne

    @INIKALLEN i will take ur advice in to consideration , im a open minded person and take all views and i come to my own conclusion pal


    @RetroGamerWayne Consider this my friend.. You are on the right track and seem to be more aware than most. But remember its like a puzzle. Anunnaki aside, theres so much more potential for life in every direction, even here on earth. To deny life beyond earth is life burning several of your puzzle peices, and you sound like someone who wants answers much like myself. So if you ever wish to complete the big picture you have to open up even further than what you imagined further to be

  15. fishingforbricks

    @RetroGamerWayne cool ! Earth Chronicles , Sirius Mystery , Genesis , Gods of the New Millenium , so many but Sirius Mystery prob best :) “Aliens” and stuff are right on your doorstep my friend :) Catch them thru the gap in the pine ! Because you cant see something doesn`t mean its not there :) peace

  16. RetroGamerWayne

    @fishingforbricks may have missed i wud gladly read more on this subject ,may god be with u and peace ,p.s any info u have i iwlll read up on im open minded person : )

  17. RetroGamerWayne

    @fishingforbricks hi there dude there has been no evidence to support that The Anunnaki are real and alot of people are saying that The Anunnaki live on 1 of the moons next to planet x ,now weather The Anunnaki is real or not ,planet x is not real as im an astronomer for 7 years now i live in Australia and watch the sky every nite for 7 years with 40 other astronomers ,i do belive in aliens and i wud like to think The Anunnaki are real ,now if u wud like to send me info on The Anunnaki that i –

  18. fishingforbricks

    @RetroGamerWayne With regards to your comment about Planet X and the Anunnaki , you have the right to your opinion my friend , just as we all do ! you may not agree with another person but it does not mean they are wrong ! The Anunnaki are part of the historical record of ancient Sumeria ! Does this mean you think that all ANCIENT history should be ignored ? Just a thought ! peace

  19. OutsidrArtst

    Do you know if Pittsburgh was sprayed last night (Sept. 8th, 2010)??? I only recently started looking for chemtrails and I saw them last night.

  20. SamStuart07

    I would suggest to get soil and water samples from the department of agricultre to further the fight against chemtrailing. They cant mock the fallout from this crap.


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