Chemtrail Presentation by patrick lynch DVD available at £5.50 includes postage & packing This helps towards the upkeep of the radio show. Make copies & give out to as many people as you can FreeTruth Show Thursdays from 1am GMT Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to Margaret of the Bournemouth branch of the British Constitution Group for inviting me again. Bournemouth British Constitution Group TREATY ON OPEN SKIES HOUSE OF COMMONS GEOENGINEERING REPORT Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering BOURNEMOUTH AIR FESTIVAL SATURDAY AUGUST 20th 2011 Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 DAVID ATTENBOROUGH POPULATION CONNECTION Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming HAARP OFFICIAL WEBSITE OPEN SKIES TREATY TESTS OF CHEMTRAIL FALL OUT ROYAL INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Fox News Chicago heatwave Chemtrail spin from Tammie Souza

24 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS TALK by PATRICK LYNCH 2012. DVD Quality

  1. casaamaril

    Thanks for the information and there are certainly strange things going on in the sky but sometimes Patrick a cirrus cloud is just a cirrrus cloud. Carry on,? keep humanity awake.

  2. thegroove2000

    I have being in similar situations here also. It gets very frustrating as i am a fire sign so i tend to get very angry with the mind controlled zombies. I have had many arguments im telling ya ha ha.

    The world is beautiful its the people that are fucked? up.

  3. FreeTruthShow

    i’m listening to last night’s again. good luck with the mp and let? me know how it goes. yes it’s important they know we know and how they’ll be complicit and will face justice accordingly.

  4. charlespontoon

    He’s right about alan watt web site very informative on YouTube? too, great info…as for today in the northeast Scotland we have been hammered today never seen it like that before at leat 7-8 planes, have got it on video…but intend to write to my MP, so if nothing else they know we are not stupid, and see exactly what they are doing…

  5. FreeTruthShow

    Thank you very much. i know bulgaria gets battered with Chemtrail. i’ve? seen the photos and videos. What else can they be?

  6. truth8407

    Thank you for? the great work, exposing the deadly Chemtrails. In Bulgaria many people know about this genocide over humanity. I will share. God bless.

  7. Mitzi Renee

    i think this video is very interesting and informative. do the police & security personnel not realize their families are being sprayed as well? how can they be so duplicitous with these evil people? tolstoy asked these questions. he couldn’t fathom why the people send their sons off to die for unjust wars for unjust people. it’s all brainwashing. they’ve been taught there’s honor? in serving them & dying for them, when they are wretched dictators. Lord help us all.

  8. Mitzi Renee

    We had one yesterday that went from the southwestern horizon all the way to the eastern horizon? and if you’ve ever been to the texas panhandle you would know we? have very large appearing skies because the land is totally flat. It seems ct prevalence has increased over amarillo in the last few weeks. tyrants don’t ask permission, they just take over

  9. lafemmefatalle

    No, sadly, they’re not doctoring views. People just click off. Also, I recommend at least 10 videos a day on my facebook.. over 2100 friends. THAT is how videos go viral. (I watched this because another “Occupy” friend posted it on FB). I didn’t recommend this, because it did not hold my interest.?

  10. lafemmefatalle

    Keep up the moronic bollocks.? See how far it gets you. Seriously, dude… find a way to present to the public that will keep them engaged.

    I 200% believe in your message. I just need to have my interest held if I’m going to watch a video. In the time you bored everyone, I read 12 articles on the same topic.

  11. FreeTruthShow

    you call that constructive criticism? and you’re even hinting that it’s a competition. for god’s sake. how can you be this petty when we’re? all being poisoned. i’m astonished at your attitude. this is how paid trolls begin infihting. i hope you are not one of them.

  12. lafemmefatalle

    Well .. I was hoping you’d take some constructive criticism for your next project. I’ve done several presentations…? only one on YouTube. I’m certain you’d see a difference in how I kept the audience engaged.

    Love and light, brother. And all the best on your next project.

  13. FreeTruthShow

    there are minions everywhere and many of the rest are mind controlled? ninnies that need to stop watching soaps , football and depending on the mainstream news for their ‘opinions’.


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