Chemtrails The Documentary Part 1 of 3

Chemtrails the Documentary by was filmed in Victoria British Columbia Canada in 2007 to 2009. This is the original version of the film that was submitted to the Vancouver Island human rights documentary film festival in 2009 and was rejected by the panel of three judges. The film is currently being re-edited to be a feature length documentary film set for release in 2010. We hope you enjoy the film and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

24 thoughts on “Chemtrails The Documentary Part 1 of 3

  1. KelvongKlein

    something like we the people is ingesting toxic food which we’re not aware of? they’re forcing chemicals to us without our consent and approval…there’s should be a proper agreement with the local government officials and with the public awareness before using this and that’s? our constitutional rights…without this it’s a merely an act of terrorism against the people…we should unite and fight!!!

  2. joemoe23

    @tentamalaska Yeah thats the beef? I have with a lot of videos myself. thank god though the song wasnt “let the bodies hit the floor”

  3. tentamalaska

    you know, most of these videos would be alot? better if the folks who make them would leave off the annoying music. Drives me nuts.

  4. TheTomtomdonk

    Chemtrails are real and coming to the sky near you. I see these things get sprayed then over time cover the whole? sky.

  5. tribalstyle138

    @howtogetwell sir there are MANY photos and videos of contrails and chemtrails existing in the same sky-? SAME ATMOSPHERE. i have pictures and video myself, but a great place to see some is in the documentary Aerosol crimes-

  6. howtogetwell

    The? duration of a normal condensation trail from a jet engine is determined by the atmospheric conditions. They can easily last half an hour or more!!!! Please get a grip people!!!

  7. islandonlinenews

    @DrQlimakz not every jet releases chemtrails, there are many that do not, they are just more difficult to see. A normal condensation trail should last about 15 seconds, these chemical trails stay in the atmosphere for about 2? years. There are also ones that fall faster than that.

  8. DrQlimakz

    are all those planes chemitrails, i mean i see that all the time, i live in portugal,? but sometimes i just think thats the waste product given off by the turbines? its just that every pplane i see releases those trails…comment back :)

  9. dallimamma

    Maybe a little dialogue in the beginning, like a grade six science class explaining the results of air and water quality test results to an adult. Other than that, visually stunning, it IS Victoria after all, and perfectly timed to the musical? dialogue as well!

    How close are you to re-releasing it? Good luck.

  10. mslissa22

    I appreciate? the video, but no info is given until the end. I didn’t need to waste time looking at four minutes of planes making chemtrail. I can look out my window everyday and see the evidence first hand.

  11. tnegatu

    @islandonlinenews, Don’t assume all doctors are smart. And all go through an outdated program based on system in 1900’s. And not all know immunology. And only some are involved in advanced researches. Each doesn’t know what the other person is doing; only a few put everything together at the highest level. You are? back to the globalists.


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