Chemtrails The facts

The chemtrail conspiracy holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. In this presentation we will try to give 4 possible explanations for this phenomena. some of the videos that are used in this clip are from the following YouTube channels: British Chemtrails Documentary: chemtrail chaff (v2): Chemtrails-NWO-Illuminati: Chemtrails weatherman: CONTRAIL vs CHEMTRAIL 101: NASA Appleman Chart – PROOF of Chemtrails: History Channel_ The Truth About Chemtrails And HAARP Technology:

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails The facts

  1. GutsBrandedSwordsman

    KarrensMan69 really trolls this video hu? Well, chemtrails are real, so wake up and smell the biological nanobots in your blood!

  2. KarrensMan69

    @popoutvideo The bottom line is that picture is bullshit, just like the polar bear on top of a small chunk of ice the ecofascist use as “evidence” of man made global warming. Using dramatic effects is manipulative, and illustrates an agenda to create fear.

  3. popoutvideo

    @KarrensMan69 She is talking about the skulls. I guess some people are slow. So I will explain. It is obvious to most with any IQ, that at 1:10, there is a collage of real airplanes spraying aerosols, pasted over top of a real picture of the sky full of chemtrails, and for dramatic effect, someone inserted skulls into the chemtrail. Just FYI, that is for sure a real image of a plane spraying in the center that can easily be found online, without the skulls.

  4. MrKreyvic

    God…I didn’t realize there was such ignorant, asses Like *karrensMan69″ out there.
    There is geo- engineering going on,and has been since the the early 90’s.

  5. batonpatriot

    @theZionLion GOOGLE: California Skywatch, Rosalind Peterson.
    Google: Geoengineering Watch. BTW…do you know the definition
    of ‘conspiracy’? look it up, it’s an education in itself.

  6. batonpatriot

    @makeinstall And HOW LONG does the ‘vapor trail’ last? One hour?
    two hours? three hours? Chemtrails will and spread out until the sky is completely
    shrouded in gray/white.

  7. batonpatriot

    @KarrensMan69 FIRST: I didnt say US saturated the whole planet
    did I? SECOND: GOOGLE: USAF Owning the Weather 2025.
    FOURTH: We will postpone this dialogue once you educateyourselfdotorg, OR DO anti-communitarian research.

  8. KarrensMan69

    @batonpatriot Then you’re at the peak of ignorance after having refused to investigate the bullshit you believe in. Try traveling to any other country. See if you can’t find the same thing in the sky near every single major city with an airport. So unless you’re going to try and convince me the “chem trails” I’ve seen in China, UK, UAE, Kuwait and the Philippines are the result of a US plot to wipe out humanity, shut the fuck up.

  9. batonpatriot

    Our children are being indoctrinated in schools that ‘chemtrails’ are ‘just clouds’, and they want you to BELIEVE IT, so United Nations has been summoned to ASSIGN CHEMTRAILS AN “OFFICIAL SCIENCE TITLE”. I’ve got one….how about
    Conspiratus Acumulus Killinus.

  10. KarrensMan69

    @theZionLion WTF are you talking about? Intelligent people don’t believe asinine shit like this, because they know things about the world around them. It’s vapid kool-aid drinking dipshits like you that need to wake up out of the nightmare you made up yourselves.

    Just kill yourself, and stop stealing our oxygen.

  11. theZionLion

    Wow , in germany it was in TV-News in the Same way.. One Time..
    Then never heard again.

    The Elite is breathing the Same Air , like we do. So i dont think that they are polluting the Air with aggressiv Chemicals.

    Huge Conspiracy , WakeUp.

  12. theZionLion

    @KarrensMan69 They want to cause fear to the Intelligent woke up people . The Ignorant and Studip people dont believe this.
    They want to make the Intelligent people Stupid , and crazy.
    Go back to Sleep.

  13. xtymiller

    Funny how ignorant uninformed people try to discredit chemtrails… they are real, it’s called geoengineering. Look it up! They’ve been doing it for years all over, but denying it. They consist of aluminum, barium, and other chemical crap that they say is to combat global warming by deflecting the sun rays… it’s actually very harmful to the soil, water, animals, and humans. You all should educate yourselves!

  14. MrNobodyNothing

    Besides I don’t need to follow any one.
    All I need to do is look up and watch the Jets spraying chemtrails in the clear sky.
    I observe, which Is a basic scientific technique.
    Maybe YOU should TRY it! 😉

  15. MrNobodyNothing

    It IS easy to recognize TROLLS. Their mind is closed because their head is buried so deep in their @ss. 😉
    Not to mention the stink they try to spread.

  16. KarrensMan69

    @jesterbbb No, you don’t get it at all. This is bullshit. You’ve allowed yourself to get sucked into a cult. You would probably be a passionate libertarian who could help promote a lucid agenda, but instead you alienate people by “waking them up” and talking about bullshit like airplane exhaust.

    Been there, researched it, and threw away the shirt.

  17. KarrensMan69

    @jesterbbb Bullshit, everyone knows all governments are corrupt. You allow yourself to be marginalized by asociating with idiocy like this, then want to feel superior because you “know” something the “sheeple” don’t. You would probably be a passionate libertarian, and be able to effectively convert others to a free way of thinkinking if you didn’tlook like a dipshit talking about the boogeyman’s airplane exhaust.

  18. jesterbbb

    @KarrensMan69 I get it. You don’t want to admit it, because admitting it means that you might have to take some kind of action, and that’s scary as all hell. I mean, if the government were corrupt – well, who wants to face those options?

    Unfortunately, it’s now common knowledge that our politicians are crooked, our government is haywire, and our leaders are not only lying to us, but abusing their power against us. It doesn’t have to be a “kook” theory. It can be big, scary, AND real. :)


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