Chemtrails They Live, We Sleep A New World Order is emerging and they no longer need you. Who are flying the jets leaving chemtrails in our skies? You might be surprised! This is a must see video from Flo White with Freeman of Freeman TV

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails They Live, We Sleep

  1. YoumukrandaOFFICIAL

    Gonna get some gas? masks, not that it will help, cause I am sure they will use much stronger chemicals in the future.

  2. YoumukrandaOFFICIAL

    IMO, chemtrails are a back up plan, should the world? get out of hand, simply spray all the people (current chemtrails are not that harmful), and thus power is restored.

  3. catpee11

    rad!!! even though anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of aviation and how planes work could explain exactly what so-called “chemtrails” (also known as “contrails” in the world of reality) actually are and how they work, i still really dig the music and the video (especially? the references to the movie “They Live!”). bonus points for referencing a Rowdy Roddy Piper movie!

  4. Kokesdan

    This is the best video about chemtrails and reptilians. This needs no words. This is truth.? Please make more videos like this !!!!!!!

  5. ctwatcher

    Good thing chemtrail activists are peaceful. They take our hard earned taxes and then poison us with or without our consent, no matter to them. There has to be millions worldwide who know about this and still we can’t seem to stop it peacefully. I will never understand? it but I do know that my father and brother did not fight in wars for this shit!

  6. soundman420

    dope! i rather watch this than most crap on tv or youtube. soundtrack PLEASE? i dont care if you are reading this 5 years into the future if you know who made the song? please msg me im fucking going crazy :(

  7. ilovealexjones1

    i love the part where they are doing the coke on the? cd case…man that brings back some pretty awesome memories…


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