Chemtrail’s To Die For! – View Of Western Horizon

Another In My Chemtrail’s-The Chemspiracy In The Sky! The Next Day, Dark Cloud’s And Rain Came Into The Area. Co-Incidence? Cloud Seeding? Let Me Know What You Think!

4 thoughts on “Chemtrail’s To Die For! – View Of Western Horizon

  1. jlenertz44

    Thank You for your comment. I see that everytime I see or take video of these operation’s. I was actually working on another video project that day, (yesterday) and happened to see this going on most of the day. So I? thought I should take a short video of it! I happened to capture two drones on video shortly after filming this one. It can be found on my YouTube channel!

  2. MegaBLADES1

    noitice how these chemtrails spread and? create strange patterns and artificial clouds. normal condensation trails would not do that. nice catch


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