Chemtrails Totally Exposed

The demand for disclosure and accountability regarding widespread geoengineering has been gathering tremendous momentum in the last few years. One would hope that this would force our governments to stop spraying us and lying to us about what’s going on, or at the very least this will wake a lot of people up to the way the system works.

23 thoughts on “Chemtrails Totally Exposed

  1. MrEnergyCzar

    I don’t? get the chemtrail thing…. if poisons are being sprayed in the air, do the people who spray them live on earth or are they supposed to be inoculated or something? Everyone breaths the same atmosphere… or is it about illegal dumping of chemicals? If that was the case, it would be a lot cheaper and easier to just bury them or dump in the ocean…

  2. Belfrey1

    She repeatedly brings up the “science” of geoengineering. What she doesn’t mention is that all of the scientists who study the topic agree? that it’s not being done yet, and most say that it shouldn’t be done yet. She says, “You have chemtrails that we can all see, and we’re like, ‘Hmm, what’s that?'” Those are persistent contrails, exactly as have occurred since the beginning of high-altitude air travel.

  3. ChgoKurt

    I wonder why nobody went up there behind a chem-trail and simply scooped some up. After all this time breathing that. Does? that show anyone how much everyone really cares? Wish I had the funds to go up n? bring some down and test it, how’s about calling up the Myth busters and do it with a Hollywood audience.

  4. SonOfMontag

    Watch the first “Our Man Flint” movie — guess what the plot is?


    The second “OMF” pic is about replacing the President with a double, to facilitate arming a? space platform.

    Loopy as it sounds, maybe they were trying to get the word out about a few crucial schemes that are now in fruition. Y’think…?

    I think Irwin Allen was also trying to “fable-ize” what was going on, back in the ’60s.

    No shallow frivolity intended here. Clues abound?

    Truther Girls Rock.

  5. cgreen243

    The more dangerous part of chemtrails are the fibers that that are associated with it! You can’t? see them but get you a air purifer with a black filter let it go in the house for a few days take the black materials off and you got clouds right there!

  6. seriousnews2

    (3) . You can even see the colors under the tails and sometimes a huge bulbous object underneath them, as seen on film of the 911? jets… remote control? Thus, this is possibly interpretable as 911 II, the aim being similar but bigger: to control the world].

  7. seriousnews2

    (2) They also spray food bowl areas. To hit the people through the food. Clear enough? [Other purposes must include food giants who have GM seeds, and people who think there are too? many on the planet]. Wake up and defeat these corrupt and evil individuals. [PS: real vapor trails start very high, at about 33,000 feet. Most of these aircraft spraying are much much lower, some very low. You can even see the colors under the tails

  8. seriousnews2

    Chemtrails are of course real. In an Australian city they currently have several very very long trails right across the sky every day, and the spraying is done at 7am, lunch time and between 5-7pm, so that the people are hit. It is clear and undeniable. The sprayed material shows up on HD camera as clearly powder.? The metal compounds and whatever else there is in the trails is at the behest of corrupt politicians, pharmaceutical companies and apparently religious nutjobs.

  9. jimmyjazz240

    You either are that fucking dumb that you don’t realise that you are lying or,you are not and your are deliberately talking? shit for profit. Either way you are being deliberately ignorant with makes a most disgusting and terrible person.

  10. GregOrca

    Come on Sonya.
    You know this video you made is total garbage and you are plugging a hoax for your financial benefit.
    Witwats has zero credibility and has been completely debunked.
    Even Murphy admits persistent contrails are real, but just like you, he has gone from penniless loser to guru? to the gullible and can’t stand to admit his BS gig is up, so he tries to keep spruiking the hoax at all costs or he will go back to being the unemployable nobody he was for many years

  11. anavywife28

    FINALLY!!! A video explaining a basis as to what the shit is. All i see is cameras? pointed to the sky, no explanation from the observer, no nothing…thank you for taking the time to explain, now I have a template to branch from and find my way, Great editing too and I love how you arranged your pics on the wall

  12. kenjams

    you’re right we need to spread the word and hopefully we can stop? this.
    I’ve been trying to increase awareness for the past 4 years.

  13. ChemTrailsMN

    Thanks for your Video! Keep up the Watch! People Look UP and Video whats Over YOUR city and upload to YouTube! ChemTrails are all over the World now, Take a look? at my Videos over Minnesota USA! Thanks again, from — ChemTrailsMN —

  14. hairtogovideos

    IT’S? MORE THAN WEATHER CONTROL. CHEMTRAILS IS TIME CONTROL , making it darker early in the daytime cutting off daylight fooling us to accept earlier nights so you have little time always kept in a rush. THE DAY, TIME, AND DATE ARE LIES………CHEMTRAILS ARE BLOCKING THE SUNS ENERGY TO POWER THE PEOPLE OF EARTH. USE VINEGAR AND WATER IN A HUMIDIFIER outside your window? to break up the fake clouds BY ACID BASE REACTION and let in the sun!! it works.. spread this message!!!


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