Chemtrails “TOXIC SKIES” over Fresno California October 23, 2009

Chemtrails contain; BARIUM, ALUMINUM, TITANIUM, MYCOPLASMA, PATHOGENS and many other toxins being sprayed at altitudes of 36000 to 40000 feet, above commercial airlines that fly at 35000 feet. THIS IS “”””WAR””””.

8 thoughts on “Chemtrails “TOXIC SKIES” over Fresno California October 23, 2009

  1. IExposeMormonism

    I’m up in Auberry area and pointing these out only makes people think you are abnormal. But it is anything but normal.I’ve posted many of these.

  2. shellynichole71

    I keep hearing that ORGONE destroys them… works against the stuff they are spraying and cleans the air. Not sure if its true but I have seen a CHEMBUSTERR or CLOUDBUSTER in action actually making it disolve and dissapear.. worth a try!! GOOD JOB WITH THE VIDEO… THANKS FOR HELPING WAKE PEOPLE UP TO THE OBVIOUS!!

  3. shellynichole71

    God help us all because the BARIUM, SILVER IODINE, SULFER, ALUMINUM in this spray kills immune systems and causes AUTISM, CANCER, HEART & RESPITORY ISSUES but is said to be harmless by the government… hmmm. I wished I could believe this is simply for weather modification purposes but I really am questioning it now.

  4. chosenexplorer

    To resolve the issue, you would have to shoot down the planes, or you can protect yourself by activating your bodies immune system with food grade Diatomaceous Earth, which by the way was eliminated from our diets during the 1950’s, because the government knew it was the key ingredient needed to sustain human life. I buy my Perma Guard Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth on Ebay from a seller named, “Earthworkshealth.” Buying out of state means no sales tax.
    I hope this helps. Sincerely, Elthadiya.

  5. BrandyPA777

    we got pounded the other day with these, next day it unexpectedly poured rain, after forecast originally said to be clear, then our towns water ironiclly was contaminated with ecoli for 48 hrs. Ironic? Let me add, the day of heavy spraying, after about an hour of my son playing outside, he then gets a nosebleed out of nowhere and many ppl I know are now sick with some sort of chest cold, including myself and family. Sounds crazy, but its becoming an obvious issue.


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