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Here we’ll see the difference between some “Contrails” & “Chemtrails” Saturday 14th March 2009 Dusk (again) Salisbury Wiltshire Uk. Contrails such as you’re viewing are common enough New aircraft engines burn cleaner & cooler, thus We often get to see these white moisture laden contrails Their dissipation is Dependant upon moisture content of the atmosphere & temperature In the next part of this video, we see that Unlike Contrails, These darker, “shaped” and “INTERMITTENT” Chemtrails STOP & START, LINK UP, and Hang in the air, … eventually scattering into a cloud form … eventually scattering into a cloud form I don’t know what’s being sprayed up there It’s just too plain to see however, that these are Not “the usual contrail” pattern nor colour, nor do they dissipate, or fade away They Just sit, spread, join together, & worry !!! ~ Music ~ ” Ride Up” Thanks To ~ Fornequiem ~ Skeptical ??? then google ” uk .gov records of secret chemical testing ” “porton down” Millions In UK were in germ war tests Fromm: .. and many places like it .. Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials Antony Barnett, public affairs editor Observer Sunday April 21, 2002 The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public. A government report just released provides for the first time a comprehensive official history of Britain’s biological weapons trials between

11 thoughts on “Chemtrails Uk

  1. TheScoobasteve84

    what in the world are they spraying thats what HAS to be watched it lasts 2 hours and the info they have is outrageous.when they take findings to congress the rats cant scurry along? the corridors quick enough

  2. aj b

    i was driving north M5 from tuunton on the 24th june 2011 and noticed some crazy chemtrails not too? far from glastonbury

  3. Ian Jenkins

    O.K. we have just been sprayed here in Scotland this morning and guess what – the flights doing this are NOT commercial airliners, I checked the flights above my head in real-time on RadarVirtuel com and there was no flights anywhere near me listed.
    These? flights fly North to South and are not on a recognised commercial route – the military ARE spraying us, no doubt about it.

  4. iJoshMusic

    it’s dusk they’re bound to appear different, show me? mid day comparisons and i might think this differently.

  5. ar5281ar

    dont think chemtrails exist? watch? the vid, Experimental Biological Chemical Spraying! chemtrails exist and have for a long time! if not my fav’s have ALL the top notch chemtrail vids, feel free to look!

  6. Gareth Payne

    good theory, Like you said if they block out the sun, we? will not be able to use solar power, and the plants will die. They are taking the P*** , bigtime.

  7. netlethe

    Thanks for taking the time Spud … did you see the spraying of Iron in the southern oceans failed to grow plankton ?? .. when will we see that? spraying the atmos isn’t working for mankind either !!

  8. SpudXXXX

    Nasty looking things. They’re up there spreading out all night. Note the wind direction to figure out where they will drift over. Look up – wake up! Good post? Red.

  9. netlethe

    Not pleasant sights are they … it just needs for folk to open their eyes & wake up .. then,? we might just be listened to ..
    Thanks for taking the time to watch & comment.

  10. lemonndrop

    Seeing the skies like this everyday (in the USA) makes me? feel like my life (and everyone else’s) is very short. Can’t people see the effects on plant life, birds and insects? The sun is not getting through anymore. What do you think will happen if life remains blocked from the sun. Death to everything living, plain and simple.


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