Chemtrails uncovered and FLU Vaccines not safe

URGENT see full file given to FBI at Chemtrail planes spraying contaminants uncovered. Australian University’s answer to FLU virus with Professor Peter Collignon. hold a STOP CHEMTRAIL RALLY- IN EVERY CITY to demand Gov’s and Media tell the truth about Chemtrails – CHEMTRAILS ARE denied by Authorities and labeled as a conspiracy to keep people silent. But proven a fact that is killing birds and bees by the millions all over the world. and spraying poisons and virus’s making people sick in cities globally register by email to; – This is part of the NWO CFR UN WB planned economy collapse, and people are buying GOLD NOW before the dollar is devalued. Charges of attempted MASS MURDER filed against the WHO – see

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails uncovered and FLU Vaccines not safe

  1. blackpixie987

    @mysticphoebos I felt a connection between chemtrails and vaccines too. Something inside always told me not to get a flu shot. I never get the flu; other relatives who get flu shots always get sick.

  2. videocruzer

    its no different from the population reduction of the world wars… this way its easier becasue the masses just have no clue. all you have to do is listen to the hospital people talk about the weird infections that they can not kill with pharma drugs. or people that talk about their friend how they died from some infection that they could not stop. people are falling faster and faster. this manifestation comes from the people that think there are to many people and that a warm planet is bad.

  3. XxXRangerXxX

    I’m 14 right at my athletics day i saw a passenger plane dispensing an entire streak of chem trails over the sky. I took pictures on my phone and now I fear Australia has them too. :(

  4. sanddocon

    u want to ask then to stop? lol
    funny they should be killed
    4 doing that shit they want to kill us
    an u just want to ask then to stop?

  5. chrissyannehughes

    Oh no George Bush has unleashed the fury yet again!!! And he’s not even president anymore!! First his hatred of blacks, now this..George Bush should be stopped!

  6. ruuumble

    rupert murdoch, victor smorgan (smorgan steel), richard pratt (visy), sidney meyer (meyer centre), frank lowy (westfields) rene rivkin (investor) not that these guys are involved with depopulation of the world ‘cept for murdoch…but it said that ashkenazi jews are the most intelligent race of people in the world. now couple that with the teachings of the talmud and you will find the “illuminati”…find the truth for yourselves.

  7. ruuumble

    its november here in brisbane…30+ degrees everyday just about…i been watching the skies they are clear and blue. come autumn/winter may into june is when i believe they will resume spraying again. and by they…ultimately i mean the jews that run this world….dont believe me???have a look at the disproportionate amount of jews in the highest levels of government, finance and industry across the world…i’ll give you some here in oz….

  8. waltermouthoh

    Check out “chemtrails dissolved”. Orgone pipes knock out chemtrails in 20 minutes! blue skies again. rain again or sunshine as needed. (see Wilhelm Reich) This from a book written early 90’s – “Remeber the pipe that sends vibrations to the crops in the fields? Ever wonder what else it is capable of doing? You might be surprised…” pg. 43, soisnessdotorg

  9. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Welldone great video was aired on UK TV SKY CHANEL 200 Last night Jane bergermiester and 2 other brave people was really good named vaccines & chemtrails and everything More TV Coverage needed come on TV Do something to expose these monsters.

  10. CaJeffO

    Chemcrails in the SF Bay Area too.
    I have dozens of quality photos ranging from 12-31-07 till July 09.

    Additionally they have done it in the evening and my picture won’t take pictures at night. But i have seen the more massive spraying at evening or night time.

  11. mysticphoebos

    They are spraying in SA like crazy it has been heavy over the last few months, it drifts into Adelaide and Melbourne these bastards are up to something and the swine flu vaccines fit in very nice with there bullshit. 400 idiot volunteers put there arms out today for a swine flu vaccine test, most were kids, we are dealing with monsters here folks…

  12. wunnybabbit

    good work ..the end of it ..i found the same ifo on me own novavax chemical co…also i had an indian company ,staing human tests..but soon as i found it dissapeared….i wiill find what i got and share it

  13. countesscristo

    No I haven’t Grannie, but i’ve heard nosebleeds are one of the symptoms for elf /TeTRA masts and general sky pollution,perhaps they went into a bad area? Eat lots of fruit and veg,and take it easy.

  14. mythoughtsalone

    This is such excellent information, I have a friend in Oz, Perth WA and he says there are no chemtrails! blue sky all day!!!! After I showed him, you tube vid of chemtrails in Sidney and Melboune, he was shocked, so I intend to send him this vid.

  15. gangstagrannie

    Couldn’t post my comment just now as you tube was ‘down for maintenance’ hmm.
    I wasn’t going to ask but I will now – has anyone else had problems with nosebleeds?
    My daughter (14) had one on Friday, and so did my stepson and his brother in law. None have previously had them. Quite a coincidence I’d say?
    We’ve had a fair bit of spraying going on here again the past few days……..I kept getting a headache which was relieved everytime I blew my nose……

  16. jbreezes

    Holding a chemtrail rally in every city as you suggest in vid descript would probably work, but the liklihood of accomplishing that when almost everyone are so conditioned they think they are clouds and won’t even listen. I am now enemy to neighbors and totally ignored (as in pretending they don’t see me) because of telling them about trails.


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