Chemtrails Versus Sylphs [WATCH FULL]

(iam not verry good in english so i can make mistakes in this text, the text at the video is chekked all for mistakes and fixed) First rule on this page; if you comment on this video you talk normal, if you dont agree, you may tell it and give your argument, have respect for other comments, if you cant say something with respect i will delete it, i hope you people can do thad, i dont want to enable the option thad i must first chek the comment before its posted, thank you. About the 250km you may disagree, its my opinion, its what i calculated, but also i can be wrong about thad. Chemtrails made me sick, didnot want to think about it cause didnot help anything, and waiting for change. I saw on the internet about Sylphs, didnot make me warm or cold cause they were keep spraying above me. Than on the 19th of august i have seen the action above me of the sylphs with my own eyes, and because i have now the prove its exist i made this video the share it with people. I dont ganna believe in things i have no prove for, even if its 99% clear, only if i got 100% i believe it. All people who are bored of chemtrails…yes bored, cause it isnot a problem anymore, dont worry about it, Sylphs (call it what ever you want) are here, they clean chemtrails, i have seen it…and got now 100% prove to post this video (for my self) I say to you, if a power can do this, it also knows when its needed, if you didnot see any sylphs yet in your country or above your head, just relax, they will

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails Versus Sylphs [WATCH FULL]

  1. MrDiscovery24

    One of the best videos of its kind I have seen yet. I agree with much of this, except I think that is a lenticular cloud? at 3:52. Thanks for spreading the news.

  2. SteveHillyer

    Not sure if we are loosing something in the translation to English. While I cannot prove much but I know what I know. Governments, corporations, banks, religious factions are capable of much damage, destruction in the name of a cause, control, god etc etc. To easy now with not a lot of money global terrorism exists to someone twisted justification.? Does not have to be military. Now anything can be modified. I have no idea what they are spraying? Someone knows that’s for sure. Yes very real.

  3. jeffman3003

    @rubyrainsong because higher conscious? is at war with lower conscious, before you ridicule, look within yourself, the answers are all there in you, become one with nature and she will make you rise, be apart from her and you will spiral down the lower dimensions.

  4. SovereignFOTL

    @Oathblivion “the “birth of a sylph” pictures are a phenomenon called? “hole-punch clouds”. Supercooled water vapor rapidly freezes all at once, creating the uniform patterns you see.”

    yes, those are the extrinsic dynamics of a nascent? sylph

  5. SMIshroomery321

    @rubyrainsong Always looking for proof …that is a waste? of time… Common sense & other’s observations combined paints a pretty good picture. To know the whole world is not out to deceive you.

  6. deskallywagz

    well not? sure about slyphs but the chemtrails are hard to ignore in that footage, if you dont think they are chem trails what on earth do you think they are?

  7. MabitzaRitchie

    The photo @ 1.52 was lifted from the Boeing website and shows the inside? of a test plane. Note the civillians walking around on board – not very likely they would allow civillians on board a top secret chemtrail plane is it.

  8. memoriesflorist

    Thankyou@Dragonwing1000 this is a great video, and I appreciate? your work ! Yesterday I see slithers of silver moving around the sky near the sun and I kind of thought that they were in some way cleaning the chemtrails ! Don’t know what THEY were tho !
    Truth will set you free

  9. SteveHillyer

    Twenty years in the Military I know this is a delivery system for Chemical and Biological weapons. (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Most are worried about nuclear. That is the least of my concern. It takes very little to do a lot of damage. Making people sick slows them down, puts a huge burden on all medical facilites. 9/11 was dramatic with the planes. One plane modified as in the ? picture can do 100x more damage and produce 100x more casualties before anyone finds out what happened. Thanks!

  10. aussiechickdiana

    Diseases, earth problems like? volcanic-action, earthquakes, pestilence and so on…ALWAYS follow where there is social or political-crises…It is because we and the earth and all that, are CONNECTED…!!!
    Will watch out for Sylphs…Thanks for posting this…diana

  11. eesa49

    Thank you so much. This is beautiful. I have seen this myself in the western u.s. – esp CA Bay Area – but everywhere – and today in Oregon I have seen it again and it fills my heart with joy to see the sky CLEAR UP AGAIN after the thugs have filled it with criss crosses of chemtrails that used to just stay and form a thick ugly haze. Twice today the sky was blue again? in an hour – but again they were wiped up to a blue sky by 5pm. You are NOT crazy.
    People who do not watch the sky do not know.

  12. Oathblivion

    Hm, beautiful music you’ve chosen for this. I searched “sylph” because I was curious about the mythology surrounding them. Unfortunately, pictures of contrails and tanks in planes do not prove chemtrails exist, at least not without context.

    Also, the “birth of a sylph” pictures are a phenomenon called “hole-punch clouds”. Supercooled water vapor rapidly freezes all? at once, creating the uniform patterns you see.

    -Peace (and great music)

  13. Jjames763

    So… You’re saying some super-secret cabal has managed to attach undetected nozzles and toxic chemical tanks to the world’s commercial airliners, somehow escaping detection despite having what must be tend of thousands of members internationally, and is pumping the sky full of poison IN BROAD DAYLIGHT without anyone knowing/caring? about their own safety(are these people martyrs?), but are being battled by ancient Greek elemental spirits? Seek medical help.

  14. hallobaaaby

    the sylphs i’m familiar with are snakelike formations moving? in the sky, often as if assembled from string of silvery globes–you can easilly find footage of these on youtube. nice scot-Gaelic song BTW!

  15. ancientwisdom2012

    I appreciate your attempt. chemtrails and chemclouds are very real, HOWEVER, what you call sylphs are not something separate from the chem,? it is in fact a cloud falling out and being transmuted and neutralized by orgone energy and their respective orgonite devices. what you are calling sylphs are the last stage of a chemtrail before it is cleared by orgonite. but i agree that seeing a so-called sylph is a good sign, just for a slightly different reason than your explanation. make orgonite

  16. thevoiceharmonic

    All the cloud shots are contrails. They happen when soot and steam enter the atmosphere where the temperature, humidity and air pressure cause the supersaturated air to suddenly become cloud. It is more likely to happen in the early morning or late evening when the temperature drops. It often happens at the same time you see ‘mares tails’ the day before? a storm system arrives. One photo shows an airliner dumping fuel. They can’t land with a full load of fuel.

  17. dombadil


    try to make an obolix and you will know why the sylphs appear and how prodigious the prismed? rays are on the atmosphere

    we are now able to lift any smog anywhere and bring the fine air pf altitude in megapoles

    see projectobolix . org

    and watch the presentation series “prodigious obolix” at Ea’s explanation

    you’ll tell me once you have tried

  18. dombadil

    no, these are the effects of the prismed rays of the obolix.
    These angelic clouds are not called sylphs but Cirrus and Cirrocumulus and finally we can see real clouds again and not? toxified shit everywhere
    see projectobolix . org and TRY
    the prismed rays we did not know their power to liberate the water molecules
    nature does this with the snow in altitude
    and with the obolix you are able to bring back skys like those of the beginning of the world and lift ANY smog or chemtrails !!

  19. c1kirk

    Thank U for sharing- I too have seen a giant sylph – about a month ago in WV? state shortly after a hazy sunset- he was so enormous with wings and he rose up from the western horizon and covered the entire sky.
    And I am thought of by others as.. well- not quite right or not all here…yet, I can’t see a deep blue sky nor a vibrant sunrise or a colorful sunset that I had been able to appreciate and admire several years ago due to the substance being sprayed in the skies – AKA contrails -BS

  20. Clematisian

    ……. I cannot believe that I’m only the 63rd “Like” … THANK you, Dragonwing1000, for doing this … people have no idea how helpful Sylphs have been in fighting this menace.? Have you been to carnicom (dot) com yet? It’s THEE site that has Clifford E Carnicom’s humongous amount of research into chemtrails. Peace ~ (•8-D

  21. 401amproduction

    This is weird cause I just got shots of? these kinds of clouds right over my house the other day! Awesome!


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