Chemtrails & Wave Formations Over Whangarei On Oct 24, 2010, Plus Interview with Freeman

This film was made in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, using footage and photographs taken on one day, Sunday, October the 24th, 2010. As one can see, while the government claims there is nothing to report and the aerosols trails are merely condensation trails, the evidence shows otherwise. Nelson, New Zealand, Also Under Heavy Chemtrail Attack According to activist Will Ryan, the spokesperson for the Clear Skies Action Group of Nelson, NZ, on October the 23rd, there was a massive aerosol operation over Nelson. He wrote that the sky was a milky haze, while it should be clear blue, and that there were many planes laying chemtrails in broad daylight, [1]. An interview with Freeman of the Freeman Perspective is included. He said during the Truth Frequency radio show on August the 29th, that he had identified two main functions for the chemtrail program on the basis of their main ingredients: aluminium and barium. He suggests that with aluminium in your system, you become a receptor for the electromagnetic frequency devices being used, such as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, (HAARP) and the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association technology and if you breathe in barium, you’ll shine like a beacon on the X-band radar, making it easy for those using this technology to know when people gather. In support of this theory, he said it was openly admitted during the first Gulf War that barium was being fed to the insurgents, (and one could see

10 thoughts on “Chemtrails & Wave Formations Over Whangarei On Oct 24, 2010, Plus Interview with Freeman

  1. Aqualiteking

    Bro, It’s nice to see another kiwi talking about chemtrails. Mate I have never seen a chemtrail in my life or even in NZ, until now.

  2. WebOfEvidence

    Make sure you all watch the new documentary – What In The World Are They Spraying? It is on YouTube.
    Thank-you for your interest in this topic.

  3. LoverOfTheBandBoston

    @breetha1 Google “Tesla Scalar Weapons” and you will see hundreds of informative links how these weapons work with Chemtrails. Also check out the Youtube video called: Tesla Scalar Waves

  4. breetha1

    Keep up the good work. I have been watching the skies in Hamilton for a while also and have seen plenty of strange cloud formations. It is good to see other people out there are noticing what is going on around them.

  5. icke11234

    Many thanks from Germany. Good to know Kiwis are now beginning to wake up as well and fighting for their beautiful country.

  6. leijen2

    This happens a lot in the Waikato as well.
    I have been watching this for a while.
    It seems to be coming from the west coastline…Our main wind is westerly.
    We do have many plains arriving from Aussie everyday as my house sits slightly east of the main flyway.
    These planes hardly leave a trace as they come in. (ie chemtrails)

    It must be special fights that are doing this work.
    We live south east of Hamilton.

    I will be watching.


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