IMPORTANT MUST SEE LINKS BELOW!!! CALLING ALL PEOPLE – Help needed on gathering of information. The time for action is PAST DUE WEB SITE NEEDED!!! MrMaxBliss channel: Pilots-wtf-are you doing Chemtrailing us??? Amnesty for CHEMTRAIL PILOTS??? CROW DEFORMATY ON LEG Published on Sep 30, 2012 by mayanmanifestor A MUST SEE VIDEO!!!! White Haze and Jet Trails Part 1 PURPOSE OF CHEMTRAILS – AC GRIFFITH RECORDED FROM “THE POWER HOUR” 5-14-07 PT 1 PURPOSE OF CHEMTRAILS PART 2 I created this video using my Logitech webcam software.


  1. TheTrueRae

    Go to my channel main see on the right hand side “by TheTrueRae” with a? down arrow … see send message ((smile))

  2. TheTrueRae

    Write me in PM and let’s see how we can? get something going. Please share this site with Rose (in the UK) her channel is rawgasmic8000000000 Thanks!

  3. hoplite46

    yep I tried but it seems ppl in the UK are just not interested you are very welcome to join and as I am the moderator I will allow you to post if you so wish. What? do you think of the site?

  4. hoplite46

    groupsdotyahoodotcomslashgroupslashEuropeanChemtrails sorry it was a type I meant to say Europeanchemtrails. I cant type urls here cos? YT wont accept them thats why i put dot and slash and hope yuo know what it means

  5. TheTrueRae

    For what ever reason, I can not find it. I have tried and keep getting the “Sorry, no matches were found for eurpeanchemtrails”.? Please pm me a link. Thanks!

  6. TheTrueRae

    have checked into Orgonite! Would love to make some of my own to place around and in my garden and stuff! Have been after my husband? trying to get him to get the stuff to make it!! Hopefully…. LOL … I do want some. Thanks for the great advice and comment!

  7. essy111

    Their is a? way out of this look into Orgonite energy you can make achem buster out of this and its proven to brea up these ugly chemtrails. Based on Wellham Reichs technolagy.

  8. TheTrueRae

    Yes, it sure looks like that… and until we get all the facts… there is no proof other wise, all there is, is a list of? poisons being sprayed on us. Stay safe and May God Bless…

  9. TheTrueRae

    Ooops…sorry … okay link is there now. I missed it my bad O.0 Thanks for letting me? know. There are more parts to it too… One – two – three – maybe more…

  10. TheTrueRae

    Thank you so much for spending some time watching! And especially for commenting for me ((smile)) It really means a lot to me. We all learn through the videos and the comments are awesome! ((hugs)) Love and Hope to you and yours. Your kind words made me? smile!

  11. TheTrueRae

    Bless your heart … she who? ((big Hugs)) Yeah, I have been there myself! That is? what makes YouTube so special, we can talk and help and support each other. We have so much family if we only realize that the worlds people are our family!! So ((smile)) big and keep on keeping on!! We can handle anything together! ((hugs)) and Love, HEY, when are you going to throw out some new videos? I have been waiting….

  12. TheTrueRae

    Oh wow… I bet. I always wonder when I see stuff like that. I get curious, guess you do too and being close to a base I? bet you do see a lot. Thanks for watching and for taking time to comment!!! As always you can find a hug here, love to you and yours and if I have them, Jelly beans! ((hugs))

  13. DarkAngel9121981

    I live rite next to micanol air force base, in wichita ka. And I have seen some weird stuff latly. I wish I had a cam that I could us outside, a fue nights ago thare was a strowing light coming from there. I wish I could hav? got it on tape.

  14. TheTrueRae

    Thank you ((smile)) she thinks she is too! Very spoiled kitty cat, but I love her so much. She stays close to me all the time, even tries to type? when I am working ((grin)). Pets are such great friends. ((hugs))


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