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  1. disinfoman

    @batonpatriot no no, I mean how can you know with no real scientific study. I think my typo made my sentence sound wierd. I would love to see your scientific data if you have any.

  2. batonpatriot

    @disinfoman I’m not doing YOUR research for you! I spent years on this and there are ‘thousands’ just in my area that know…how many more from all over the planet in about 32 countries? Dont be lazy…DO THE WORK! 😀

  3. disinfoman

    @batonpatriot correction….How do millions of others know, but none have done an actual scientific study?

    and actually, to be realistic…..about a couple thousand…..”believe” but do not know.

  4. disinfoman

    @batonpatriot How do millions of others know, but none of done and actual scientific study?

    and actually, to be realistic…..about a couple thousand…..”believe” but do not know.

  5. batonpatriot

    @batonpatriot Brilliant deduction! I suggest you do that and find out what millions of others know. ;D

  6. disinfoman

    @batonpatriot well,the yellow stuff is pollen from trees.I was just making a similar comment using something I know is not from contrails.And saying it appears after contrails are in the sky is not a false statement….it is in fact, not from contrails. You get what I am saying?The only way truth can be found, is to take a sample from a contrail, and then compare the sample with what is found on the ground. Until that can be done, all these videos have zero factual evidence.

  7. batonpatriot

    @disinfoman The only way to know is take a sample to a lab for testing. Here we get ‘brown spots’ all over our cars after slow low ‘white planes’ [working in tandem with jets] dump on us. If the spots are allowed to dry, some will
    not come off without buffing them out! When heavy chemtrails appear check the jetstream, and soon you will be able to predict who gets massive floods or snowfalls elsewhere.

  8. disinfoman

    @batonpatriot Ok, take a step back for a second….what links these sparkles to aircraft flying overhead? What could these sparkles possibly be? Could be some sort of naturally occurring substance?

    I will play the devils advocate here for a second.
    I have a bunch of yellow powder stuff all over my car, all over my house, on my driveway right now. When it rains it runs into the gutter and stains it bright yellow. There were contrails in the sky the other day. Could this stuff be from chemtrails?

  9. batonpatriot

    @disinfoman These teeny tiny sparkles are everywhere, and much smaller than the silica in sand, smaller than a grain of sand in fact. They are in, on, around everything in places where the wind does not blow, like a locked up car,
    inside the house, in hair, clothes, in open mason jars, and where rain accumulates in debris. When spraying is heavy, there is no visible sun any direction….NO VISIBLE SUN…no light at all, just dark gray cloud cover lasting for days sometimes weeks, depending.

  10. disinfoman

    @batonpatriot in CA you also have sandy soil. Sand can have a sparkly appearance. Sand can get blown into webs. Also, matted up snaggled spider webs will appear to stretch if you walk through them. The individual strands may not stretch. Think of snaggled up yarn. It will stretch apart as a collective, but the strands do not. Melting….well, they do burn away if you put flame to them….

  11. disinfoman

    What would be the probability that those “web things” are naturally occurring? We have worms where I live that produced large snaggly webs in trees and surrounding vegetation. There are also things called spiders that produce webs. In one of the shots you put in your video there is what appears to be an insect leg…. Just sayin….

    And also, my dog eats grass when his stomach is upset and he isn’t feeling well. Maybe the eating grass is in reaction to being sick, and not the cause.

  12. JamesFariello

    When my wife gets up in the morning she coughs for about ten minutes and I notice I do too but not as hard. We don’t have colds. Could our lungs be trying to get rid of the crap in the air that chem spraying is putting down?

  13. alipio22

    I had that same substance you describe on my car windshield the other day. I live in Florida. Great video

  14. batonpatriot

    @clv4nz The problem is with your theory, regular spider webs
    dont stretch (think ELASTIC) and dont ‘melt’ when you burn them,
    but these do. If you look close at the webs here in CA, you will see
    teeny tiny specks of something very sparkly….like diamond DUST,
    as they change color spectrum like rainbow.

  15. karatekla

    Great vid, but the last frames of moving fibers don’t convince me that much. It seems you made them dance a south american ballet :-)

  16. GrassyKnollTrolls

    I had the exact same thing. I went and saw a doctor near me in L.A. here after hearing her interview on Rense. Dr. Hildy Staninger. Come to find out I’ve been ill from this crap getting into my blood stream via my lungs. I had a strong feeling early on this was dangerous as I would find myself wearing a surgical mask on heavy spray days. BTw, have you seen the site geoengineeringwatchDOTorg? Check out the new documentary they’re making.

  17. AmMellow

    Interesting. After driving through a large area in England that is regularly sprayed I almost fell asleep at the wheel. VERY strange for me. Perhaps nothing conclusive, but maybe worth a mention.

    They said about web things in the guardian article, spiders webs to check how chemicals and bacteria that can be used for warfare survives in different environments.

  18. skizzex

    coloradolesarae on flickr has done some research and microphotography of the junk coming from the Colorado skies. Check her out.

  19. solarforfuture

    crazy, I have seen these fibers too. they are in my body, test yourself?? brush your teeth rinse and spit… then swish red wine or grape juice around your mouth, spit this out in a white sink. you may find the same type fibers, yikes, some say they are DNA loaded nano machines, they move! and replicate, similar to the red and blue secuity fibers in usa money? WTF morgellons disease? depopulate me soon, thanks obama/ NWO
    check Freeman tv/ jeff rense/ alex jones

  20. clv4nz

    looks like spider web…maybe that’s what it is? It’s a fairly well known phenomenon for spider web to fall from the sky during certain times of the year, well before aircraft were even invented.


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