25 thoughts on “Chemtrails(in Japan)??????

  1. kabinseidaicho

    @chuolineseries201 ???????????????

  2. kabinseidaicho

    @AbdanChannel arigatou!=) Japón puede hundir.Sin embargo, un japonés es demasiado ignorante.Se desploman un sueño profundo. X(

  3. AbdanChannel

    desgraciados!!! tambien en japon???? noooo!!!.. esto ya es el apocalipsis!! son los desgraciados angeles que nos observan desde arriba u_u.. la guerra comenzara muy pronto!! aliens rules!!! sayounara!!

  4. 0sakaben


    They spray almost everyday here in Osaka.
    Maybe 2 or 3 days per month they give us a break.

    Today is so white that I have to wear sunglasses.

  5. pilzkillz

    But you can? DO something!
    Chemtrails, Mindcontrol and HAARP can be? stopped by selfmade ORGONITE!
    Have a look at my videos about Orgonite! BUST the NWO! :)

  6. CheatsXe

    japon? paaaaa y no habia una sola nube ? deja el peor lugar para sufrir calor loco

    con razon , lo que hiso el avion fue darles sombra locas

  7. LUXBeaker

    these are CONtrails. they are a build up of condested water vapor that comes from the tip of tip of the most commercial airliners wing tips so they can be seen. military planes don’t ahve that design for obviouse reasons

  8. bumnumbum

    I just repeat it in Japanese this time:????YouTube?christollinger??? “Fulford vs. Illuminati”???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. bumnumbum

    Did you guys see christollinger’s “Fulford vs. Illuminati” on YouTube? And do you still see chemtrail in Japan? Is there any relation between the “agreement” between them and “the environmental distraction” in Japan? I am just checking so please do not tell me I am making up or something. Thanks!

  10. kabinseidaicho

    Thank you lleida?=)
    Japan becomes a very cruel situation.
    These in this video are only in the tip of the iceberg.

  11. lleidainmortal

    hi, I didn’t know that they were spraying over Japan too,

    greetings from Lleida, Spain, Europe

  12. kabinseidaicho


  13. kabinseidaicho


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