CHEMWEBS in Nebraska live on camera! PART I of 3 Parts

IF YOU SEE A CHEM WEB please do not touch it! The lab that tested the chem web , lab tech broke out in a Morgy rash on her face! Jerry neimen of McCook Nebraska catches a chem web on film as it is falling from the plane! The web is sent to a lab in Cyprus, and tested for nano fibers (Morgellon’s Disease) by Caroline Carter. We follow the evidence ON film in this 3 part mini documentary. This is Part I of III

25 thoughts on “CHEMWEBS in Nebraska live on camera! PART I of 3 Parts

  1. Adric1971

    Very informative and put together very well. I’ve seen these webs on my car window after heavy spray days. I wasn’t 100% sure, but this video has me convinced. Many thanks for all of your hard work!

  2. wanker391

    I have found a lot of this ABSOLUTE SHITE IN MY HOME!!! You can see these fibres in the hoover (small fbres/synthetic hairs) all stuck together,separate from the REAL dust.


    Welldone good video keep it up, don’t let these perpetrators of the world get away with it Check out my Video Happyxgeorge Join our groups and lets stop this Evil before it stops us

  4. crittertv

    chems are all over the skys here in Denver, saw huge ones today, flat thin undulating cover..from jets mile long…

  5. MrGopherhead

    @QC3C7 I would like to see what an areachnologist would have to say. The video is less than convincing to any rational person.

  6. QC3C7

    @MrGopherhead These web are much thinner, longer and stronger than spider webs
    it is impossible to confuse them. A simple microscope view confirms the structural difference of it.
    There are spiders that hang from leaves web once adult size is reached, for letting carried by the wind, in this case they are shorter, thicker, more dense, and I certify that any arachnologists not be able to confuse these two phenomena, thus affirming that the movement of these spiders do not do in winter.

  7. MrGopherhead

    ballooning spiders use their webs to sail through the air. Nothing unusual about these webs. Oh, you could use some hand lotion too.

  8. glock1832

    I have a video that will prove that it is not spiderweb. Its winter here. Tonight cloudy and -7. Spider web on car antenna and on gaz pipe on the side of a building. Spider can’t live below 0!!! Big discovery for me. I will upload the video tomorrow when done working.

  9. roxy777lopez777

    @rushfan9thcmd would that b safe and do they know what they are looking for. in other words, what to test for ?

  10. rushfan9thcmd

    @roxy777lopez777 I have thought about Illinois State U or the University of Illinois. Both are easy driving for me. I don’t know who to contact at either University. There may be a lab over in Peoria, ILL but I just don’t know.

  11. roxy777lopez777

    @rushfan9thcmd I would love to help you….have you found any labs that WILL test??? We will most likely make a vid of howto test for Morgy and Chem webs

  12. rushfan9thcmd

    We had collected numerous fibers in Oct. heer in central Ill a day after massive spraying. I posted a video of the event. We did not have the massive white fibers you have in this video. Ours were smaller. I put these on 2 display boards. I collected some form in town and out of town. I even saw some falling over 10 miels from here. I have a few samples from last year. I would like to get this stuff tested as well.

  13. GotthardGirl

    @roxy777lopez777 Uh I think you are already on my list. Let me check…yep you are. It’s a small cyber world lol


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