chemwebs ~ jet cirrus ~ south yorks ~ uk ~ uvaf

from who says on the subject. ChemTrail web formation 08-10-2012 at Rossington Allsaints school following first fog of the autum .The downward path of the web is evident in that the lamp posts have it on the top and it has draged down with the weight of the blanket until…

25 thoughts on “chemwebs ~ jet cirrus ~ south yorks ~ uk ~ uvaf

  1. StardusterRE

    I’ve passed this video on for those that UNDERSTAND.. How Crazy the “They” ones Are!!
    Thank You so very Much for making and adding this video. It’s the worst I’ve seen to date!!
    I always look for videos that leave no Doubt.. and this IS one of Those? videos.. Please be Safe.. ?~~ *

  2. rawgasmic8000000000

    Had a similar event in Coventry covering approx 6 square miles. I videoed it but didnt have any equipment to do anymore than that. Sick of the spider theory….I did not see a sinlge spider, not even on the ‘real’ spiders webs..not a single one and believe me I got down and dirty looking. Hate the word ‘fear mongering’ just? another phrase for ‘dont be alarmed, drift back off to sleep’. Bliss you :)

  3. DeathDOer01


  4. DeathDOer01

    i believe in chemtrails..but i was kinda “eh” on the the whole chemweb thing..didnt really have an op one way or the other..but this totally? convinces me now..WOW..THATS CRAZY..!!

  5. FreeTruthShow

    they are sprayed from aircraft. it’s chemtrail fall out. NOT contrails. don’t? you recognise a war when you see one or even care you are under attack. words almost fail me. Most genocides in history are inflicted upon a government’s own people. It is happening in nearly evey country now.

    when rockerfella calls for “rapid depopulation” what do you think that means?

  6. FreeTruthShow

    i noticed a fine ash-like substance streaming down the very same morning here in dorset around 8am.

    i took a couple of screen shots of? this and included them in my talk in portsmouth saturday . it was filmed and will be in the net soon. hopefully it will bring more attention to this off the scale spraying . i can’t see it getting any worse than it is. it has increased more and more. i don’t see how they can pack more crap into the sky as they have been doing without the sky falling down.

  7. hensienklein

    I’ve seen these with my own eyes in Tennessee. Not such a? mass of them. But, whatever they are, they are real.

  8. skyejordon

    samples/testings have been done on similar so called chemwebs……….. they were tested and proven spider webs! These webs are seen after? a flood……… nothing new.

    If you would like me to show you the chemweb test i shall do so, the only problem if you guys will still think its real?? even though tests were dont by chemmies themselves

  9. TheSolodragon

    Yeah ok maybe you’re right, it was probably just spiderman letting off a bit of steam…
    There are many things chemtrails are responsible for,? but this ain’t one of them. I can see how it all looks like a conspiracy, but truth is even the bug experts don’t know exact the whys behind it all. Or maybe it’s military spiders lol my ass

  10. nettledned

    what kind of arachnid, it’s breeding habits, at what time of? year and at what temperature do these become dormant..

    it’s freezing round here on a morning. 0~5° atm.

    nom nom nom. ?/

  11. skyejordon

    bloody idiots there are spider webs probably ballooning spider webs! stop thing the world is? out to get you! FREAKS!


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