Chief Speaks of Government Chemtrails

Chief Golden Light Eagle speaks about conspiracy of chemtrails.

24 thoughts on “Chief Speaks of Government Chemtrails

  1. franz909

    Look up Wisdom in the Dictionary and you’ll see a picture of a Native Indian , who knows our History better than Anybody and amazingly our Present and the Future will depend on ALL of us .

  2. TheNeWorld4u

    Wow,? this is an old video… I wish I had found it when it was new, would’ve saved me a lot of time. I had to research a lot of information on my own and it’s taken me 6+ years, but it was well worth it. I have a much better understanding of life now and I’m enjoying hearing another human speak on the things I’ve learned, it give me much hope for humanity. I just hope I can use what I know to help many others during my time here on Earth.

  3. ObiWanGinobiliTopFan

    Exactly. There’s a reason why the Hopis have a prophecy that shows mankind having two different choices – nature or technology. The carving implies that those who take the path of technology (the conventional system?) will have their heads? detached from their body. That can’t be good, whether they meant it literally or metaphorically. I think it’s already happening…people who watch TV, use cell phones a lot, work 9-5 slave jobs, etc. don’t have their heads screwed on right

  4. Rachael Woodhouse

    We need to take a step back and become tribal and matriarchal again. RBE will just? be another thing for the elites to control.

  5. Jeanne Baker

    I’ve been trying to warn people about Chemtrails for 11 years,? now. Thank you Chief for your insightful video. Namaste.

  6. bryan3184

    I look out and see them every single day. It doesn’t take much research to be able to discern a contrail from a chemtrail. Governments state that they spray and this is a known truth. In fact almost every state has cloud seeding programs. It’s already been proven, no need to try to convince yourself otherwise, the people already? know the truth. It’s been disclosed.

  7. Azatlani I

    Much of what the chief says is indisputably true; the air is poluted? and makes our whole Earth sick. It comes from humanity’s greed and carelessness. Aircraft still release H2O and CO2 with some hydrocarbonous soot and some NOx combustion biproducts. At 35,000 ft +/- 3-5,000 ft, these constitute atmospheric additives which give some a misimpression of “chemtrails”, of which ZERO credible evidence exists. I’m an independent scientist. I have researched the atmosphere for 35 years. NO CHEMTRAILS.

  8. deepfinger

    Thank you giving your blessing to all that see your message. I can see that have? a love for Mother Earth and all that live on her. Please keep putting out these messages so that people will wake up to the evil of the governments and corporations that do this evil just for a materialistic greed. It makes no sense to me why they do it. There to dumb to see that they also harming them selfs and there families to. Blessings to you Chief Golden Light Eagle and all who watch.

  9. Agui007

    No matter what you say to the government or the ruling elie…they won’t listen. Therefore, it’s important for those who are awake to help themselves so that one day we can unite as a potential community. Only with a balance between heart and mind can? one recieve and interpret truth. Namaste to all.

  10. Eddie Vanallen

    unfortunate people wont listen? untill its to late and a major disaster takes place. then? the reality will set in.


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