Clifford Carnicom. Chemtrails, Aerosols & Morgellons. pt1

September 12th 2009. PDX 9/11 truth conferance. Guest speaker Cliford Carnicom, leading researcher in the “Chemtrail” issue disgusses the latest findings and results conducted from his own research over the past 11 years. By hi own admition his research is low key by comparison, but the results are staggering which leave some serious questioning to be done.

15 thoughts on “Clifford Carnicom. Chemtrails, Aerosols & Morgellons. pt1

  1. InfernoFuture

    The insane thing about this is that the ‘ordinary’ people call us chemtrail-believers that WE are the insane ones. And the next, even more insane step is that the pyjamas will believe it’s good for them when the governments admit this crap…

  2. InfernoFuture

    Thanx Mr. Carnicom, you are one of the best provers of chemtrails (I know myself as [now ill] scientist these are not contrails also because of physics).
    But now we have Croft’s orgonite…

  3. cyberage100

    They treat chemtrails and haarp the same way they do our contitution. Just look what these scumbags can do with amendments. Hello police state!!! Goodbye freedom. If this shit is all so good then why is it kept such a secret????

  4. mrbrianmccarthy

    lbAll one has to do is look at the horizon to see the effect that human pollution has had on the earth’s atmosphere.Places that were once renowned for clear skies are now hazy and have severely reduced visibilty.You used to see haze like this only in big cities like in LA and New York—Now you see it almost everywhere.and these aerosol operations have had a lot to do with reducing visibility in the skies,not to mention the effects on our soil and water.Why is it happening?To reduce global temps

  5. Endza50

    Weather modification? Why nobody takes CREDIT for that? And why US government wouldnt let us know that they have a great idea to help us all? Why isn’t Al Gore or somebody else receiving a noble prize for coming up with the idea of SPRAYING POPULATION? We better wake up and ask QUESTIONS..before it is too late :((((
    thx for the video.

  6. PastitsiosGR

    I won’t even mention the fact that Morgellons is not a proven disease. I will just mention what the Morgellons patients believe themselves.

  7. PastitsiosGR

    “Could this be bio-terrorism? NOTHING that we know from credible sources even suggests this. The cause is likely known bacteria missed by science because of incorrect early assumptions, much like Marshall’s finding Helicobacter pylori, a common “good” stomach parasite turned out to be the primary cause of certain ulcers and gastritis…NOT stress and pizza.”

    morgellons . org / faq – home . htm # item6

  8. 8167433

    @CrudeDude when u get sick u will not say he is a wack job,he is awake and you my friend are asleep. wake up there is a fallen angel named satan that is behind this with his fallen angel followers trying to destroy us all..repent and believe the gospel…God Bless You

  9. destroyHAARPnow

    @CrudeDude Yes you are. And a complete idiot, too. Go put down your beer, shut off the tv, and pull up your pants, your crack is showing.


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