Climate Change Update 17 October 2010 (Ice Age) UFOs?

Sunny chemtrail skys with cool air… Gulf of mexico re opens 3000 miles of fishing. Declared oil free Crazy weather and UFOs oh my… UFOs

18 thoughts on “Climate Change Update 17 October 2010 (Ice Age) UFOs?

  1. Msakaalbany

    Thanks for the updates. A lot of us depend on you for these updates. I am now checking some of the sites you have given us. I just got more wood hoping the winter is ok here in the finger lakes.

  2. Yoetah

    -Super Typhoon Juan;
    -Russias’ Kamchatka Peninsula, Klyuchevskoy Volcanoe eruption

    “Merseyside (UK) Officers in earthquake training despite only 11 British deaths in… ”

  3. isawanangel2

    your voice sounds scratchy-go gargle with salt water just in case, i’ll try not to mom your ass but a spoonful of honey wouldn’t hurt either, you might be gettting that crud my kid has, you dont want it, you’ll know if you get a temp

  4. Hawklynn

    This is Hawklynn’s wife. My name is SidewinderFF. I am friends with TEW. I got ur channel from watching his vid about solar flares. Im gonna sub and ask u for ur friendship as well. Am quite pleased that u like TEW’s channel , I like him too!!! God Bless and keep safe. :o) SidewinderFF

  5. MrStrayj

    we are having some strange weather here in Australia.I live in the Blue Mountains on the east coast of New South Wales we had snow in the middle of spring ,yet did not get any snow this winter.WTF!

  6. cometodoyourwill

    Put on your suspenders and pull the brim of your hat down … we are going for the ride! Rider be calm and assured amiss all the turmoil!

  7. 1cynfree

    Thanks Diamond!!! Love is On the Way! Rest Easy and keep informing your fellow loving mankind, thanks!


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