Climate Change Update 18 October 2010 (Ice Age) Solar Activity

Grey morning opened to sunny chemtrail skys and a cool fall breeze that just smelled of fall. The trees are truning early. Sun Carbon Tax BS Peace, Love and Light

25 thoughts on “Climate Change Update 18 October 2010 (Ice Age) Solar Activity

  1. narezul

    if that was to me you can see the proof with your own eyes check out usgs they have it all look into the accepted facts of where the fault is supposed to be then see where it is. i was just wondering if youd seen it /knew about it and what you thought i wasnt looking for press or something. and what kind of proof could anyone offer that an information source had been altered its not like i took a picture. the only thing i can point to as far as that is the fbi moved into same building as usgs

  2. AmbrociousXP

    On a very side note…if you froze your beard…you could break it off and stab someone as an efficient weapon! Other than that…you have some very interesting news. Thanks.

  3. reeram

    And how many volcano’s erupted this year alone along with swarms of large earthquakes in the Indian Ocean and surrounding areas? But my SUV is killin off the coral….okey dokey. just makin sure I got it right…..what TOOLS these people are!!!!!

  4. freakoutguitarsolo1

    yea it’s really sad the coral reefs are dying but man when i read that article last night it pissed me off cuz they are like trying to push the carbon emission bullshit. it’s probably from the loop currents being disturbed , temperature changes.

  5. daButtafly

    T/y for another great update. Lovely to see you posting updates again too – hope you are well! :))

  6. freakoutguitarsolo1

    suspot 1112 was used in the film “knowing” the solar eruption or whatever was called 1112, and if you watch my video on my other channel about the oil disaster user ogskeetdizzle. you can see that the film knowing lines up with everything. yea yea i know i just said a huge conspiracy, you don’t have to talk about it. i’m just sayin it’s there.

    sunspot 1112, we have no idea what it’s going to do, this kind of filament that’s appearing also has never been seen before.

  7. kathrynjustice05

    @NibiruMagick2012 Thanks for your reply. I’ll look it up. One more question if you don’t mind. I was looking and to the left of the big “ring” there appears to be 2 or 3 smaller rings about 1/3 the size of the big one. Do you see them and are they smaller versions of the big one?

  8. xxhelenb24xx

    as ive just read on another video sunspot 1112 is the cords it expodes on the knowing movie!!! freaky or what

  9. commando602

    Thanks brother, Good info this morning.
    Forget those who say a 5.0 is not severe… In my opinion, I would be happy if you reported 7.0 or higher…
    I appreciate everything and anything you do. Thanks!

  10. PoketsOfagenius

    I Sun meditate daily and something I have noticed is this. The tails coming off the Sun the past month are Massive. In my very short 34 years on Earth I have never seen the sun so bright with tails so long! I know the tails are in Hindu prophesy as well.

    Love to all -Pokets

  11. PoketsOfagenius

    Well we all know how Bill Gates want to control carbon! Population 0! lol!

    Love to all -Pokets

  12. glholland

    Thank you for your work NibiruMagick2012. Gratefully, Filipino casualties have been minimal due to better advance readiness. I know that doesn’t solve everything, but maybe awakened people will help. As Scott from Believersunderground always says, “Information is shock resistance.”

  13. hellavadeal

    That is one big filament , Gonna be a good wave when it falls back. Thanks for info. What is really killing the reefs?

  14. NibiruMagick2012

    @kathrynjustice05 I am not going to feed your fear with my imagination. A good google search will ancer alot of your questions.
    I will say…..
    If this thing lets loose and looks like a swastika (proficy) I will be dancing to the new earth.(pole shift)… [{(from the ashes will rise a better humanity)}]

  15. kathrynjustice05

    Nibiru, how bad could the effects from this storm be if it collapses and emits a CME in our direction? Are we talking power grid failure or just cell phone and direcTV interference? Has there ever been a ring/spot this large to compare it to that you know of? How long if it doesn’t erupt to pass around the sun (estimated) so we aren’t in harms way? Thanks again for your time.

  16. NibiruMagick2012

    @kathrynjustice05 If it collapses or erupts, as filaments often do, the result could be an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection.

  17. kathrynjustice05

    I know you said you don’t speculate in your videos, however would you mind giving your opinion here in the comment section please. In your opinion, is this ring of filament something we should be concerned about? Should we prepare for any type of outages with this thing? Thank you in advance for your reply and as always I appreciate the investigative work, time and effort you use keeping us informed.


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