Cloaked Chemtrail Planes

Who can make their planes invisible? Footage shot in Montreal, April 16, 2009.

25 thoughts on “Cloaked Chemtrail Planes

  1. randy williams

    lol crazy…..? umm if it were even possible to make an airplane invisible don’t you think it would be less suspicious to actually see the plane ? lol

  2. william page

    yep bending light invisbility aircraft quantum stealth aircraft spy drones visual stealth usaf top secret flying triangles tr3b large flying triangles cloaking ufo cloaking? airplane cloaking helicopter illusionist use this bending light idea too

  3. william page

    look up in google search engines and youtube video search engines bending light invisbility cloaking ufo cloaking airplane invisible ufo invisible airplane stealth blimp hiding inplane site visual stealth poplular science magazine tokyo professor invisible? coat quantum stealth aircraft invisible soldier baye systems british invisible military army tank

  4. Cheryl Meril

    Please spare us the deplorable soundtrack. Your husband would be far better off studying holy scripture then recording that travesty. ?

  5. RockPaperDynamite

    Music does indeed blow, but I? think they may be using some sort of cloaking technology. I believe these planes may be unmanned as well.

  6. Catherine Denisco

    i saw this today,,,, it was a thin line travelling through the inside of a chem trail that had been there for at least 15 minutes. I was shocked because i saw only a line moving.? i know about chem trails, but never heard of a “cloaked” plane making one, so it isn’t as though I was imagining it, jumping on a preconceived bandwagon. when it got to the end of the visible trail, i saw NOTHING then, like it vanished. like another user commented, I have to believe what i see with my eyes

  7. melvinsmate

    I do not understand these ‘holo’ ‘fake’ or ‘cloaked’ planes. If they are up there to release ‘dangerous chemicals’ as most consipiracy vids seem to propose, why not just use military jets? who would bat an eyelid? Why the need to disguise? Also, if they do have cloaking ability, why disguise as a plane at all? Why not as a bird, or a cloud,? or the blue sky of the background? Also how much would it cost, and to what point if a cheap camcorder can detect it, waste of millions of dollars surely?

  8. Bill Page

    cool inChrist allways fat billpage illusionist magician in fun:) look up cloaking ufof look up cloaking ufos look up cloaking airplanes and you get thess cool videos here:) and look up tesalas antigravity ufos look up germen ufos look up tesallas Haarp look up ronald ragans star wars plans look up pulse wave engines look up ion warp drive look up f16 airplanes frop? from ten thosand feet to five hundred feet in less then a secound look up mach 20 or more look up solor powerd airplanes

  9. Daniel Snedden

    Good video. I noticed the planes do not look detailed and sometimes are almost invisible, not so with a real contrail. I watched some videos by someone in Alberta (Fakeplanes) I think is the id. He/She claims the planes are holograms. I tried asking him/her? questions about their theory but he/she blocked me and never answered my questions. I can only assume he/she is a fraud and probably working for the fascists. Interesting theory but I need more explanations to accept it. Good work Sonya!

  10. Paul Gallagher

    I’m actually more worried about those? boobs – with Morgellons. I think we need to check those out, perhaps weekly?
    Thanks ladies – luv ya work 😉


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