Cloaked Planes Deliver Chemtrails To My Door – Geo-Engineering The Skies UK

I watched these chemtrails appear before me and not a plane in sight or sound ~ DECEMBER 2010 ~ -US Chemtrail Patents- Twitter – Digg – Buzz – Google – – CNN – Facebook – Delicious – Reddit – Fark Latest Weather News – Breaking News – International News – Factual News – – “Hot Topics” –

24 thoughts on “Cloaked Planes Deliver Chemtrails To My Door – Geo-Engineering The Skies UK

  1. 2flight

    Boycott the airlines, the airplane manufacturers. Don’t buy stocks in mining companies,? who supply the metal oxides for this criminal endevor.

  2. TerriInBC

    Thank you for sharing your video. I live in Vancouver, BC (one of the most beautiful places to live they say), well when I first saw the chemtrails for myself, here in city! Disguisting! Revolting! I walk each day with my dog and I look up to the horror! Morgelons is real and I know someone too that has it. And now with this radiation horror it’s just getting crazier and crazier! We have a right to defend ourselves right? Lets maybe take SHOTS at the aircraft doing this to us, a thought!?

  3. royaltyfamous

    walked? outside my home this morning in Caversfield and was alarmed to see huge chemtrails being left in the sky by a jet high above =(

  4. RemoteKontrolTV

    Hi I’ve got a couple of videosw showing chemtrails in northeast England. Its a very common occurrence especially in the summer months. Ive seen 10+ before? two planes at once. Very strange.


  5. hythloth70

    @ChristiannaGarrett1 The governments of the world are hiding Planet X from view. The heaviest times for chemtrails are at? sunrise and sunset because those are the only two times right now you can see the planet along the horizon.

  6. dombadil

    you will LOVE projectobolix . org

    visit please if ou are looking for a POWERFULL TOOL against any heavy metals in the? atmosphere 😉
    good news for once 😉

  7. Downyoceanhon

    “They” The Government controlled luciferian/ Illuminati are up to their usual NO good. Chem trails are the New World Order Population reduction, Bill Gates and friends want the population number reduced and are not afraid to say it..
    U.S. population 310,592,601 World 6,891,873,518
    I’m sure this will produce more worldwide cancers , lung, throat, leukemia and blood cancers .?

  8. PinkaPallina1

    all my videos about nibiru have a “chem-sky” as a background. I can reccomend you “second sun++chemtrails, but mostly, all? of them go round the same topic pur skies. Peace.

  9. ChristiannaGarrett1

    @PinkaPallina1 I am in Brighton. Well Hove. I’ve missed years! But then I only discovered all this stuff about 6 months? ago. So I’ve been on a crash course since then. I really have had my head in the sand as regards Illuminati, 911 and the rest…It’s hard to take it all in at first as you plunge down that twisted rabbit hole…

  10. Lookup2Wakeup

    Don’t forget the weather? forcasters are in on this too. Never once have they shown the chemtrails on the radar. The radar shots of the weather from the BBC are bogus & fraudulent on most occasions IMO.

  11. Lookup2Wakeup

    From my observations & records here in the SW UK, the chemtrailing for 2010 was much less than the last two years that I have records for.

    Your vid shows post chemtrail application, the trails have formed into a white soup. The BBC on their weather site show the same cloud depicted in a small icon &? just call it white cloud.

  12. lunalas

    @ChristiannaGarrett1 –there is a lot of stuff lately that people don’t seem to want to face and I fear it? will get worse in the next year or so. I think people would rather stick their head in the sand than face the truth and then when someone states the obvious, they act like they don’t get it. peace.

  13. ChristiannaGarrett1

    @lunalas Exactly! They are all bought and paid for. They need their fat grants to keep coming in. The biggest lie going round at the moment is from the bogus Itallian professer who no-one? has ever seen, but who ‘puportedly’ sends papers in to alternative psi-ops radio stations stating the loss of the loop-current. Whoever buys that is not thinking it through. I can’t believe how so many are willing to accept this deception. But then, maybe it is ultimately far better that facing the truth!

  14. ChristiannaGarrett1

    Sorry about the spelling, my editor is tiny. No fake pictures here. It’s amazing how my first Chemtrail video hads brought out the shills. You know, people who have never commented on my videos before. The purpose of the chemtrail grid is depopulation and the severe and unnatural? weather conditions that the world is experiencing right now are Geo-Engineered systems.

    Hard to take in, isn’t it? –

  15. lunalas

    @TheGuyFromZhills –look at the picture, or better yet, look up! The fact that universities are? “investigating” proves it for me. They are bogus.


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