Coast To Coast AM – 17.5.2011 – 1/12 – Time Travel/Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering

MP3 Guests: Andrew D. Basiago, Michael Murphy Time Travel: In the first half of Tuesday’s show, attorney Andrew D. Basiago shared an update on his truth campaign involving time travel technologies. In discussing a recent news story about DARPA’s advancement in video surveillance that could end public anonymity, he declared that “DARPA had far surpassed the performance of this kind of technology 40 years ago when I was serving on Project Pegasus” (as a child). He believes we’re being prepared for the eventual truth about chronovision (technology to view past or future events), as well as teleportation into different times. The chronovisor, he explained, “generates a hologram of a past or future event…by driving an electromagnetic signal through an octagonal, an eight-sided array of bismuth crystals.” Basiago admitted that he hasn’t seen the technologies since 1972 (when he left the program), and they may have been shelved, but, he added we do have some clues that chronovision persisted and was implemented by the US intelligence community. For more, see recaps from his show appearances on 11/11/09, and 11/11/10. He’ll also be doing a speaking engagement this weekend in Los Angeles. Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering: In the latter half, journalist, filmmaker and political activist Michael J. Murphy talked about new evidence for chemtrail spraying and geo-engineering. The very weird weather patterns we’ve recently been experiencing could be related to climate

16 thoughts on “Coast To Coast AM – 17.5.2011 – 1/12 – Time Travel/Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering

  1. SaggyBawlz

    lol, liver with potatoes… He must have ran out of rubles after they spent it all on vodka. One guy died from alcohol poisoning, the other guy didnt want him to go to waste and ate him.

    I heard of a? story from russia where a grandma killed some gangsters, made them into meat dumplings, and sold the dumplings in the market LOL

  2. LotusGuide

    I find it amazing that people still think chemtrails don’t exist. Read my article in the Lotus Guide Magazine here in Chico, if you go to the website and search “chemtrails” to? find it.

  3. 2020starman

    We dont have a fort Knox anymore.. The fed said, we own no more gold …. Right out of Bernake’s? mouth , he told that to Ron Paul

  4. TheHempMessiah

    I listen to C2C every night but this guy Colin Bennett made it SO HARD that i had to change the station. he was basically mumbling so badly and talking about such boring crap,? the show is really going downhill lately, topics are great still but not delivered with quality and entertaining way

  5. huricane887

    Is that crackpot thinking straightly?Time machines in mass market would be one of these worst ideas ever.People would be going back in time causing all sorts of time paradoxes which would create an artificial time sweep where things would collapse due to unstability.I hope people aren’t this dumb to do such? a thing.

  6. wilatemodel

    the promise of time travel will be part of the decption in order? to get you to take the mark of the beast.Falling for this decption will be your Doom.

  7. vvveuvie

    @madJedi1 I believe you because I used to see it years ago at night when I stayed at my parents’ house at night. It was like a silvery looking? web, or reminded me of the alarm system commercials when they show the grid around your house. I didn’t know what that was, and today I was thinking about it, and here is this show and your comment giving me puzzle pieces. Thanks for the posting this show. Thanks madJedi for posting your comment.

  8. madJedi1

    SEE OMG this is what i mean about the Matrix-Holocube-astral-REM-soul-relocation device!!! Its an astral web made up of grid energy lines.. im telling u folks if you know about astral projection then u might of seenb this place already.. it can take you in the night and scares? the bejeezus out of me.. look at the film ‘Cube 2’ for a hint of what is now in most films and i saw this place before these films were released grrrrrr is no fair!!

  9. madJedi1

    OMG they have had like 40trillion go missing in 2 years and ONLY nearly 400Billions worth of gold??? wtf??? wheres all the money!!!! having a laff.. that gold will be used to buy off the annu-naki… IF they exist LOL?


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