Comet or UFO?? appears over St Paul, MN on 6/12/2011 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE AMAZING!! READ INFO!!

BRAND NEW FOOTAGE FILMED ON JULY 2 2011 here is the link!! Please click here after the video Just so we are all on the same page here. We must remember that an airplane will give off a heat signature of RED or BLACK! There is NO HEAT SIGNATURE COMING OFF THIS OBJECT AS WE CAN SEE IN THE FRONT. ALSO THE TAIL IS IN BLUE AND NOT BLACK OR BROWN WHICH WOULD MAKE IT ICE PARTICLES. THIS IS A COMET NO DOUBT..PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK TO AN UPCLOSE PICTURE to see what I THIS IS A COMET!! BLUE = ICE : RED = FIRE OR CHEMICAL! THIS IS ALL BLUE!! ANOTHER SHOT OF THE SKY ENHANCED with INFRARED! Another comment about THIS COMET from a sub “huge huge HUGE never before seen footage of a comet over St. Paul – the plume, debri trail, that is a comet I’m willing to bet on it it’s a 100% chance it is a? comet, no doubt in my mind. much bigger than a contrail & if it were a chemtrail it would have been across the sky & super fluffy. outstanding footage – way to go!!” READ IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW I WILL BE MAKING ANOTHER VIDEO with commentary and PHOTOSHOP break down of this COMET! NOT SURE if it is ELENIN, LEVY, or HONDA; however as of 6/13/2011 HONDA is 1.084 AU from earth. Take a look at the Daytime Comet with clouds, the brightest to appear in 41 years. Comet McNaught is shown at Perihelion passage, just 7° from sun this is exactly what we are seeing in close ups of this COMET..Go ahead and discredit all you want

25 thoughts on “Comet or UFO?? appears over St Paul, MN on 6/12/2011 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE AMAZING!! READ INFO!!

  1. HelliPilot

    yup thats a comet 4 sure and the correct word is astronomy, furthermore ir detects heat signature not electromagnetic radiation. Radio waves are a good example of em radiation. Therefore since this object is visible to the naked eye and most of us have seen an actual comet to compare this to, the conclusion is quite simple. The problem I have is why this is kept from the public ? Not being rude or trolling just trying to help you with the facts @GexiMovies

  2. MikegLA310

    I like how he uses the microphone headset to make himself look more official. I also like the part when he talks about his russian contacts. This dude is funny.

  3. GexiMovies

    @austintex117 We can see it, but you must look at it in Infrared, it’s the only way to see it’s electromagnetic radiation. Planets don’t produce light on the scale stars do, that’s why you cannot see it with a telescope. Perhaps you should research astrology.

  4. razalin

    That’s not comet Elenin, Elenin is too far away still, it’s only now crossing Mars’ orbit. That may be a comet, but it’s not Elenin.

  5. EnkisGirl333

    im in winnipeg canada and i see this sround the same time almost. as long as the sky is clear. exactly the same. low like that too. same color same taik that follows it. dont know where u are but it is in the west coming from the north going south. maybe it is the same thing? or its some kind of craft. either way i think its great.

  6. danielvincentkelley

    @Merg It would have to be VERY heavy for it to get 2 million years of comet speed far away from Earth and still have gravity enough to loop back toward the sun. Without such a strong gravity, for it to fly 2 million years away from the sun, it would well presumably just stay out there and keep going on it’s trajectory. As I recall Haley’s, it moved so slow across the sky, you could barely notice it move. That thing is hauling ASS! If that thing hits us, we’re going to be Klobbered and toast. NG

  7. summonersaisai

    i dunno what you saw in this super shaky and outta breath video. but..

    a comet wouldn’t fly pass *below* a cloud. if it did, it would be burning up by earth’s atmosphere and should leave a much longer smoke-trail behind.

  8. jdhowes1

    Sorry Dude… that sunset/sunrise shot shows the sun’s light hitting it from beneath it really high up there. I can think of a few natural ways that can occur but normally you cannot see a comet that bright in daylight with the naked eye or camera… heck, there hard enough to see at night with an aide.

  9. gabydriftking01

    @MergPictures firs of all….a jet plane would let a smoke track behind….a longer one….2nd a jet plane seen from that distance it doesnt move that fast!!

  10. itsoezeeee

    the comet clearly passes in front of the cloud. Ive noticed there is alot of info on thison the web. IVE been going thru this information like everyday now . Ive even seen the video where donnie gilson is giving us warning . he has a clock in the backgroung that is stuck on 3:30. if you look at the clock on the last page ofthe nuts

  11. yabaworld

    My soul mate and love of my life and I were living together for 2 years. One night we in 2008 or 09 we both had the exact same dream at the same time that if we were not together the world would end by the end of 2012! If we were the world would be safe! We aren’t together anymore because her father stuck her on her aunts farm in Vermont! I am completely broke. If someone can help, I need to get to Vermont to find her!

  12. headlightguy

    @jdaddy1962 lol i know shes out there but that wasn’t her ,but i have been wrong before lol donnie you of all people should know the importance of steady filming

  13. zibafu

    isn’t elenin suppposed to still be like at the far end of our solar system at the minute, not even passed the earth yet to my knowledge, and isnt it supposed to be bigger than jupiter too o.0

  14. Nitrowolf2

    Hey i live here!!!BTW i sa something like this yesterday on my way home. One of them was no doubt an Airplane, but the other one was falling at a strange angel that i seen no plane fall at. IDK what it was

  15. 22222rew

    Its a plane! 11,582 views and only 32 comments! Think your “Comment Pending Approval” is why you only show the ones you want. Bet you dont show this one!


    the secound Earth Quake in New Zealand was one day later but keep in mind NZ is the first country to see the new day.So the comet may have been seen close to around the same time


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